Being part of the right business network, and making the best connections, is essential to success: nowhere is this more true than in Asia.

With over 4,500 members, joining the Sasin Alumni Network is a significant part of the Sasin experience. It’s your investment in your future.

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Sasin alumni have life-time opportunities to connect with their fellow classmates, engage with Sasin faculty, meet visiting industry leaders, and make a lasting contribution to the community.

Alumni activities cover a wide range of interests and formats, but each offers the chance to build and strengthen the bonds on which successful business are forged.

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A lifetime of keeping up-to-date

Sasin is dedicated to life-long learning. Sasin Update and Reunion keeps alumni abreast of developments in knowledge and technology to hone their professional skills and awareness. Speakers are Sasin professors or practicioners recognized as leaders in their field.

The talk is typically followed by an evening home-coming reunion, hosted by the Sasin Alumni Association (SAA).


Sasin, and the SAA, offer seminars every few months for interested alumni.  Sasin Executive Education, also offers discounts on regular seminars for Sasin alumni.

MBA/Executive MBA Interviewing

Each year, selected Sasin alumni are chosen to act as interviewers for MBA/Executive MBA Admissions. This can give you the opportunity to help shape each entering class, and ensure that Sasin continues to admit only the very best candidates.

What’s more, alumni’s experiences as former Sasin students, helps prospective students gain a better understanding of Sasin and what studying at Sasin entails.


MBA Summer Internships

Every year, many Sasin MBA students seek summer internships to provide them with practical on-the-job training and the chance to apply their burgeoning skills. For the organization at which they work, interns provide relatively inexpensive (if inexperienced) management talent, the chance to help upcoming managers…and the chance to get a first look at some of Sasin’s brightest and best.

Most interns work for 1-2 months. The best interns are usually snapped up well before that!

We are always interested to hear about internship opportunities: many come from our alumni. If you have internship opportunities please contact

Sasin alumni ready for golf.


Sasin wants its alumni to keep healthy!

Alumni, and their families, are welcome to make full use of the Sasabol Health and Recreation Center to enjoy the fitness and sauna facilities and swimming at modest yearly fees. 

Other sports activities offered are:

  • Sasin King’s Cup Charity Golf Tournament: an annual charity golf tournament organized by alumni and the Sasin community.
  • Sasin Golf Club: the Sasin Alumni Association holds tournaments every three months among Sasin alumni and friends.
  • Sasin Games: Sasin students organize sports events for alumni and others.
  • Sasin Football Club: current students, alumni and staff are active members.  Each month, a soccer match is held on the first Friday at the Chulalongkorn University soccer field.