Thank you for supporting Sasin

On November 22, 2014, Sasin launched the “Let’s Create a Bright Future for Sasin Together” Donation Campaign to ask the Sasin community and our friends to support Sasin and help us maintain our position as a leading school of management and achieve our ambitious vision for the future. This project will last until December 31, 2016 and the donations can be cumulative towards the Direkgunabhorn Decoration.

Over the years, Sasin has always relied on a strong giving program to expand our programs and enhance our reputation as the top business school in Thailand.

Listed below are the amounts given by our generous donors so far. We encourage you to contribute to your Sasin and help us “create a bright future for Sasin together”. We also remind you that all donations to Sasin are eligible for a 200% tax deduction.

Donation List Names

EMBA Alumni Name - SurnameAmountTotal 
Donations from EMBA Alumni364,000
EMBA1985Total donations40,000
Mrs. Pattama Triyakul10,000
Mr. Supong Chayutsahakij10,000
Mr. Wanchai Umpungart20,000
EMBA1990Total donations101,000
Mr. Gong Rungswang101,000
EMBA1991Total donations130,000
Mr.Nophadol Siwabutr100,000
Mrs. Sirisin Phongtratik10,000
Ms. Srivipa Tiradnakorn10,000
Mr. Virote Chatkobkool10,000
EMBA1994Total donations20,000
Mr.Satit Asavanit20,000
EMBA1997Total donations1,000
Ms.Niramai Thanatawee1,000
EMBA2001Total donations10,000
Ms. Pranee Nagasiri10,000
EMBA2002Total donations60,000
Dr. Kriangkrai Wisanrakkit60,000
EMBA2009Total donations2,000
Ms. Atchara Mahatchavaroj2,000

MBA Alumni Name - SurnameAmountTotal
Donations from MBA Alumni 141,000
MBA1984Total donations1,000
Mr.Anurat Kongtoranin1,000
MBA1990Total donations25,000
Mr. Santi Rungsiyaphornratana 25,000
MBA1991Total donations1,000
Mr. Pun Surintraboon1,000
MBA1994Total donations100,000
Ms. Chayanant Tiyatrakarnchai100,000
MBA1996Total donations2,000
Mr.Manoj Tantisiriwat2,000
MBA2000Total donations10,000
Mr. Peerawut Jiraratananukul10,000
MBA2008Total donations2,000
Ms. Anchalee Suksudsananant2,000

SEP Alumni Name - SurnameAmountTotal
Donations from SEP Alumni8,888
SEP19(2006)Total donations8,888
Mr. Suchart Boonbanjerdsri8,888

Sasin Personnel & Family Name - SurnameAmountTotal
Donations from Sasin Personnel & Family371,550
Ms.Aree Phongchaisophon1,000
Ms. Chawewan Chokloi1,000
Ms. Chudawan Udompipatskul1,000
Ms. Dhanunjanok Limpbat1,000
Mr. Jakarat Leungtheerapap1,000
Ms.Kanokwan Pornngarm1,000
Ms. Kornkanok Apiraxdechachai1,000
Prof. Dr. Kua Wongboonsin50,000
Mrs. Kuntalee Kaewjinda20,000
Mr.Nattawat Pisanuwong10,000
Ms. Panitta Tocharoen1,000
Ms. Pattarat Thimraj500
Ms. Patthanee Jirapoonsin2,000
Ms. Phannee Aiumnarong13,050
Ms. Punnapa Jintasirikul10,000
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sathit Paniangthong30,000
Ms. Souvarut Suvittayathum1,000
Mr. Thanongsak Chatjuthanmard100,000
Ms. Thitinan Boon-apa5,000
Mr. Timothy Brooke Cornwall10,000
Prof. Toemsakdi Krishnamra1,000
Dr. Wikrom Jarupongsa111,000

Others Name - SurnameAmountTotal
Donations from Others 9,000
Mr. Daritka Praison1,000
Ms.Sritima Mahapiyasilp500
Dr.Verawat Kanchanadul7,500

  Grand Total Donations  894,438