Sasin Career Services

Sasin will help you find the very best opportunities for summer internships, develop career plans, and land full-time jobs.

Career Workshops

Hands-on workshops develop students’ skills in:

  • conducting job searches,
  • preparing professional résumés, both on-paper and on-line,
  • presenting themselves at their very best in interviews.

Mock Interview Program

Our Mock Interview Program has Sasin alumni, from a range of industries, interview current Sasin students. Students get to practice their interview skills with leading business people. And benefit from detailed feedback and guidance.

On-Campus Recruitment

Many firms hold informal receptions for Sasin students.

These let Sasin students meet corporate representatives and learn about their companies before any actual interview. Some employers recruit through the Career Services Center which arranges formal job interviews on campus.

Sasin Career Opportunities Day

Sasin’s Career Opportunities Day attracts over 200 companies each year to a job fair at Sasin. Employers are invited to visit Sasin and recruit qualified graduates. Often they send the Sasin alumni amongst their employees for this.

Students have an opportunity to meet, and host, human resource managers from leading companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia, major multinationals, and consulting houses.

Companies that do not recruit on campus on a regular basis often send Sasin Career Services job openings to be posted at Sasin.

Summer Internships

Some MBA students choose to participate in Summer Internships at the end for their first year at Sasin. Summer interns receive intensive on-the-job training from well-known organizations for about two months.

Résumé Book

Sasin publishes student résumés in digital format which is made available to more than 100 employers each year. This also goes to all firms recruiting on campus.

Many companies use this book to review the qualifications and interests of Sasin graduates, and to target interview invitations.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the Sasin Career Services (0-2218-4035 or