Dear Sasin Alumni,

It is with our great pleasure to inform you that Sasin research team including faculty members and current students of the M.Sc. in HRM program are now working on a research project, “Age and Quality of Life in the Workplace.”

This topic is being considered one of the most challenging problems confronting organizations in all sectors as several countries worldwide including Thailand already centered the “ageing society,” resulting in shortage of young talents, and higher possibility of re-hiring older workers. Among all the factors used in engaging workforce, the quality of work life based on the behaviors and relationships between worker and her/his supervisor, subordinates and peers are perceived very important to the level of employees’ engagement. Therefore, effective management leaders need to be aware of the challenges in managing multi-generation workforce as they can never and should not assume what workers of different age groups can be managed and engaged with similar approaches/factors.



In Thailand, the topic of quality of life in the workplace focusing on behaviors between workers have not been adequately studied, leading to unawareness of the subject matter and undesirable behaviors in the workplace. Sasin research team thus considered it very timely to conduct this study to create knowledge and craft effective recommendations for organizations to develop their management policies and practices to improve the quality of life in their workplace of multi-generation workforce.

In this regard, Sasin Research team need to collect relevant data and we would like to ask for your kind support in spending about 10-15 minutes to answer the questionnaire. Your kind contribution to this research project is essential to the development of more effective management in Thailand. To express our gratitude to your kind support, we are willing to share the results of this study with you. By responding “yes” to the last question of Section 3 of the questionnaire, we will send the report to you via e-mail after we completed our study.

Sasin would like to thank you in advance for spending your valuable time supporting the institute to be at the forefront of academic research in management. The information received from each participant will be kept confidential and the results from the participants will be referred to as a group not individual.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Kua Wongboonsin, PhD
Deputy Director, Administrative Affairs.

List of researchers: 1. Associate Professor Siriyupa Roongrerngsuke, PhD; 2. Assistant Professor Piyachart Phiromswad, PhD; 3. Assistant Professor Sabin Srivannaboon, PhD; 4. Methinee Pataranutaporn; 5. Jirapat Malasri.


Please click on the link to do this questionnaire: http://bit.ly/2tspn1T