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The Alumni Network provides a life-long link to the alumni community via the Sasin Alumni Intranet which is offered free to graduates of Sasin's MBA, EMBA, HRM (Graduate Diploma or M.Sc.), and SEP programs. As a Sasin student, you were provided with free intranet service and a life-time email address which will help you connect with fellow alumni for as long as you like.

Please use the following format:


By providing a forwarding email address, you can guarantee that all email sent to your life-time Sasin address will be automatically checked for spam and an possible viruses before being forwarded to the new provided address. Even if you change your internet service provider or employer, all your Sasin friends will be able to continue reaching you by simply using your old Sasin email address.

Alumni Intranet corrections are easy.  First go on-line.  Next either change your forwarding address yourself or, alternatively, ask the Sasin Alumni Relations Office to do it for you.  The on-line service allows you to update your personal information to always keep your contact and employment data current.

Another new feature available to alumni who register for the Intranet is the Sasin Career Services Center which is a joint initiative of Sasin and SAA.  This Center provides career opportunity services to alumni either as an employer (hiring alumni) or as an employee (candidate alumni).

The Sasin Intranet also provides a searchable directory of all Sasin students, staff, faculty and alumni.  An on-line bulletin board lets you read and post messages—and files—for other alumni; a business directory promotes details of your business to other alumni; while alumni news keeps you up-to-date on what is currently happening at Sasin.  

Additional features will be added as the Alumni site develops. Please send any suggestions you would like to alumni@sasin.edu.

Access and Making Changes
Look for the “Sasin Intranet” located at the top of any page in the Sasin website (www.sasin.edu).  Next enter your username in the Login and your password in the Password boxes.  You need to remember, however, that your password is upper-lower case sensitive. If you have any problems, contact it@sasin.edu or phone 0-2218-3858-9

First Time Use
At the bottom of the screen, you will see “Change Intranet and Domain Password”. The first time you access the Alumni Intranet, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.

Once you are on the Sasin Intranet, click “My Data” in the black bar at the top of the page, checking to see that your personal data is correct. Feel free to update your information at any time.

If you have any problems or need to correct information that cannot be changed on-line, please email alumni@sasin.edu.

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