Work hard. Play hard. 

Being located in the center of one of the world’s most exciting, vibrant and dynamic cities, a big part of the Sasin experience is what happens outside the classroom.

Sasin Entrepreneurship Center Sundowners June 2015 Panel Discussion

Sasin organizes monthly and weekly events for students, alumni, faculty and the general public. Our Sasin Entrepreneurship Center (SEC) holds a monthly “Sundowners” event with guest speakers from the global startup community.

Sasin Center for Sustainability Management Net Impact Lunch June 2015

Our Sasin Center for Sustainability Management (SCSM) co-organizes a monthly Net Impact lunch meeting with leading proponents of sustainability. And numerous seminars, workshops, and forums are organized throughout the year, in partnership with regional and local media, Chambers of Commerce, and other public and private sector organizations.


Sasin Community Outreach

Every year, Sasin students also organize and participate in a number of activities from group dinners and nights out on the town, to outreach programs in the community and organized trips to the surrounding areas, to the legendary Sasin Halloween Party. Organized by 1st Year students, this annual fundraising event involves major corporate sponsors, attracts close to 1000 people every year and raises over 1 million baht for class activities (including CSR activities) throughout the following year. In addition to getting valuable experience in project management, Sasin students and their guests have a great time at this annual event.


With all of the events and activities that go on at Sasin throughout the year, it’s impossible to get bored!