Billions in Change: Innovation with a Purpose

"Billions in Change" is a corporation named after a movement led by Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5-hour Energy, now the best selling revitalizing drink in the USA. The corporation's goals are to develop financing and technologies to aid in the elimination of world poverty.

The world is facing any number of huge problems, and there's much talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn't reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project.

Wednesday 30 August
18:00 Film screening
19:00 Q&A
20:30 End

COST: FREE OF CHARGE, 40 seats only

Venue: Room 521, 5th floor, Sasin
RSVP:  https://scsmfilmaug2017.eventbrite.com
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