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Public Organizations

Organization Project Description
Department of Export Promotion,Ministry of Industry

Feasibility study for systematic and effective investment in the ceramic industry

Trade financing project aimed at improving the current trade financing system in Thailand in order to facilitate export growth.

Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry Identification study of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to increase productivity of Thai manufacturers of canned pineapple and corn.
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization Reorganization of the pharmaceutical research unit, including process enhancement, to increase overall performance.

Ministry of Tourism and Sport


Formulation of the national OTOP village tourism product and service development plan and publication of “OTOP Village Tourism Product and Service Development Manual" for national distribution.

Assessment of Thailand’s tourism potential and formulation of a three-year national tourism product and service development plan (2004-2006).

Project included a prototype OTOP village development concept and framework for tangible tourism product and service development which has been implemented in three villages in Northern Thailand.

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

Development of  a national standard for IT literacy and job descriptions for IT professionals in public service (IT Government Officers and General Government Officers) and proposed career path and incentives for IT Government Officers.
National Research Council of Thailand Development of  marketing and branding strategy in cooperation with  BearingPoint, a world class IT consulting firm, to increase the value-added and long-term competitiveness of high potential fruits at selective market destinations.
Office of the Board of Investment Assessment of Thailand’s international trading cluster performance against best practice clusters from Japan, Korea, and Singapore in order to recommend areas for improvement.

Office of Industrial Economics
The Ministry of Industry (MOI)

Development of strategic clusters for the fashion industry: textile and garment, jewelry, leather and footwear.

Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)

Development and management of Thailand’s competitiveness enhancement programs for the National Competitiveness Committee (NCC) including developing strategic initiatives that address Thailand’s economic development platform, world leadership aspirations in niche markets, national innovation and learning capacities

Research study on national and industry competitiveness enhancement in collaboration with Prof. Michael E. Porter of Harvard University: a National Competitiveness Enhancement Project for the National Competitiveness Committee

The project focused on five strategic industries: automotive, food, fashion, software and tourism.

The Office of State Enterprises (OSE)

Strategy-based transformation study to help optimize returns to the Government as the ultimate shareholder of state-owned enterprises and to enhance the value of its investments

The project involved working with OSE senior management and the Finance Ministry to formulate the vision and key milestones for the OSE and to propose the most appropriate organizational structure as well as a transitioning plan.
Office of Tourism Business and Guide Registration

Business process reengineering strategy and development plan

The project included mapping out the legacy business processes, identifying key resource and capability gaps, and exploring outsourcing and IT automation opportunities to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The project also included a comparative study on the tourism business and guide registration models used in four countries.

Phuket Provincial Governor’s Office

Marketing strategy and long-term development plan for Phuket’s tourism industry

The project included assessing Phuket’s tourism potential and competency gaps, identifying Phuket’s strategic positioning, and prioritizing strategic initiatives. In addition, the project also investigated tourism risk management practices from natural disasters and strategic options for diversification from tourism.
Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC)

A development of Change Program Plan for the Office of the Civil Service Commission as the OCSC has developed new Job Classification & Remuneration system for Thailand’s civil service human resource management

Working team developed three major plans, including Risk Assessment and Management Plan, Communication Strategy, and Program Implementation Plan.

Private Organizations

Organization Project Description
Leading Automotive Parts Manufacturer Organization development plan including new organization structure, performance management system, job descriptions and salary structure in order to increase organizational performance and talent acquisition and retention.
Leading Automotive Parts Supplier Formulation of a distribution strategy and process redesign; development  and implementation of an organizational transformation program in order to improve organization alignment and performance.
Leading Chemical Manufacturer Feasibility study for marketing and financial strategies in the chemical fertilizer manufacturer establishment to replace the import of fertilizer.
In collaboration with Hewitt Associates and the Nation Group: Best Employers in Thailand 2003 Survey The Best Employers in Thailand 2003 Survey in collaboration with Hewitt Associates
Leading Hotel Market study to analyze customer behavior and attitudes toward a new-style restaurant to plan suitable marketing strategies.
Leading Pharmaceutical Company Study of usage and attitudes among Thai specialist physicians toward antibiotic injection in order to establish marketing strategies.
Leading Snacks/Confectionary Producer Development of new organization structure, performance management system, job descriptions and salary structure in order to increase organizational performance, talent acquisition and retention.
Leading Steel Manufacturer easibility study in strategizing investment for production of hot-rolled steel.
Leading Telecommunication Public Company Analysis of company performance and identification of needs to restructure the organization in order to improve overall performance and establish a new organizational culture.
Thai Asset Management Corporation Restructure of the existing salary system and provision of necessary guidelines on proper administration to ensure fairness and employee satisfaction.
Thai Institute of Directors Association with the  Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand)

Detailed examination of the quality of publicly available information on companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand based on international guidelines on corporate governance 

The findings were presented to the National Corporate Governance Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, for promotion of the importance and benefits of good corporate governance.

Major service provider servicing companies in the Thai capital market

Functional and Organizational Restructuring and Business Process Improvement project for a major service provider in the Thai capital market.

The new structure and business process aimed to improve the company’s efficiency, productivity, and customers’ and employees’ satisfaction. In addition, the working team developed a new detailed functional structure, functional descriptions, new business process, and transitional plan.


Non-profit Organisations and Institutes Project Description
Association of Deans of Southeast Asian Graduate Schools of Management (ADSGM) Analysis of success factors in international investments in order to establish strategies for Canadian firms investing in Southeast Asian electronics manufacturers.
Chiang Mai University

Development of a business model to support collaboration and/or integration among players in the fruit export industry

The process involved partnership model identification, market opportunity assessment, business case development, partner evaluation and selection, structuring and business plan development as  part of  the  National Research Council research program to increase the competitiveness of the fruit export industry.
Thailand Management Association Design and execution of the Thailand Management Association Corporate Excellence Survey in collaboration with MarketWise Ltd.

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