Dr. Daniel McFarlane
School of Global Studies Lecturer
Thammasat University


What does social sustainability mean to marketers? Along with CSR, it has tended to be seen as a periphery aspect of branding and public – relations activities. However, Dr. McFarlane argues there is a need for a paradigm shift that positions social sustainability at the centre of marketing strategy. To make this shift marketers need to acknowledge marketing as a process that shapes society and ask what kind of society and social relationships they are supporting.

The workshop will explore several core concepts in marketing, including positioning, aspirational marketing, and needs framing to illustrate how they impact on how marketers engage with and shape society. It will demonstrate a need to move from thinking about consumers as individuals to seeing them in a web of social relationships that marketing can add value to and support. Workshop participants will learn how to make this paradigm shift in their marketing strategies to drive long-term and sustainable value creation.

VENUE: Room 303, 3rd floor, Sasin

Cost: Free of charge, Maximum 25 participants

RSVP: https://freeworkshopsep2017.eventbrite.com

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