Pipatpong Israsena
CEO, Doi Kham

Vasit Taepaisitphongse
President, Betagro Group

This month the topic is healthy food.

The Doi Kham Company is an experimental farm initiated by His Late Majesty, King Bhumibol. Its objective is to develop alternative income crops in order to improve hill tribe quality of life. Doi Kham relies upon processing plants in the immediate agricultural area. This offers an advantage in terms of the freshness of the input raw materials, resulting in tastier and better quality final products.



Betagro Group focuses on food quality. One of its brands, S-Pure, is fresh chicken meat generated to high-quality and antibiotic-free standards. S-Pure has earned the world's very first Raised Without Antibiotics certification, a new NSF category announced only last May. This achievement sets a high standard for the Thai chicken meat production industry.

The leadership from each of these companies will be on hand to describe their food innovations: From Doi Kham we will be hosting CEO Pipatpong Israsena, and from Betagro we will be introducing Group President Vasit Taepaisitphongse. Join us, and bring along anyone interested in healthy food production!

VENUE: Room 521 (5th floor), Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration

COST: THB500, includes lunch (THB300 for Sasin Alumni and Net Impact members),
free for Sasin students, staff and faculty, complimentary of CREATE
Free membership: www.netimpact.org/chapters/bangkok-professional

RSVP: http://scsmtalkjul2017.eventbrite.com