Urban life can be hectic and uneasy. Join us in a visit to a quiet green patch amidst the bustling Sukhumvit area and learn how to live the slow life in the heart of the capital.

Grandpa Urban Farm, a 40 square meter urban garden situated in the back yard of a 50-year-old wooden house in Bang Chak. The Garden’s founder has a philosophy of grow what you eat and eat what you grow, so her garden contains vegetables, fruits, and herbs, watered by a bicycle-style pedal rig. Amongst all the vegetation there is also a chicken coop.

On the day, participants will meet the founder and learn firsthand organic gardening techniques using local materials. We will also have a chance to get our hands dirty during an organic gardening workshop, when we will pot and take home salad goodies.


13.00 Meet at Grandpa Urban Farm at Sukhumvit 62
13.15 Intro to Grandpa Urban Farm
14.00 Urban farm Tour
14.30 Workshop on Organic gardening, Q&A
16.00 End

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Cost: THB 200 per person

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