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Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. scholarships

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Sasin Doctoral Program Overview
The Sasin Ph.D. program is designed for candidates with outstanding intellectual abilities and a strong commitment to research. The program is highly individualized, reflecting each student's unique background, abilities and research interests. Sasin offers two principal doctoral programs: Finance and Marketing. Most students are expected to complete their Ph.D. in four to five years of full-time study. Matriculating students for Ph.D. studies are admitted in June only.

Ph.D. students will collaborate with Sasin faculty members on research projects and receive advice from faculty on their dissertations. Because of this close working relationship, applicants should make sure the Sasin Ph.D. program is a good academic fit and that there are faculty members within the program who are involved in research areas that are of interest to the applicant.

In the first year of the program, students will normally take three-four courses in each of four (12-week) quarters. Students are also expected to spend the summer session working on a research project. All classes are taken for grades. Pass/fail courses are not permitted. Most of the Ph.D. courses at Sasin will be scheduled as one three-hour class per week extending over 11 weeks (for a total of 12 classes).

In order to provide students with breadth and depth of learning, as well as a global perspective with regional relevance, students are expected to spend their second year abroad at one of our partner institutions before returning to Thailand to complete their dissertation research.

All doctoral students must meet a set of course requirements, pass a written Preliminary Qualifying Examination, an Area Comprehensive Examination, an Oral Qualifying Examination (Dissertation Proposal), and complete and successfully defend a dissertation (Dissertation Defense).

The minimum full-time residency requirement is 36 months. Students will normally complete all Ph.D. requirements within four-five years.

Ph.D. Learning Goals
  1. Theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for successful research
  2. Commitment to a specific research specialization
  3. Ability to undertake original research

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
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