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Toastmasters in Thailand train at Sasin
Date : 30 July 2012
Time : 30 July 2012
Place : Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, Sasa Patasala Building

On Sunday, 29 July, Sasin Graduate School of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University hosted over 120 of Bangkok’s leading Toastmasters for their first Club Officer Training session of the year. The event was organized by Sasin Business English faculty member Dr. Tim Cornwall.

On Sunday morning senior Toastmasters leaders, all of whom are volunteers, gathered for a half-day training session designed to provide the leadership skills needed in a volunteer organization.

The afternoon session involved club administration and provided attendees with advice and ideas on how to run their clubs as president, PR VP, Education VP, Membership Treasurer and Secretary.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization, with approximately 240,000 active members worldwide in over 8,000 clubs dedicated to helping people improve their communication and leadership skills through public speaking in a supportive environment based on learning by doing. Currently, Thailand has over 25 clubs and 300 members and organizes itself into clubs, areas and divisions. Many of Sasin's alumni, faculty and staff are members of Toastmasters, or have participated in Toastmaster events.

In an organization where each meeting is organized by club officers, all volunteers, and attended by up to 30 people each week, Toastmasters believes in providing hands-on leadership practice and a supportive venue for making presentations designed to help members improve in a non-threatening environment.

Toastmasters Division T (Thailand) Governor Peter Keusgen and Past Division Governor Sakol Suchatvudhi

Paisal Sae-lor, Past Division T (Thailand) Governor, Patrick Oei, District 80 (Singapore and Thailand) Governor and Pradeep Kumar, District 80 Governor - Education

Division T (Thailand) Senior Division Officers

Getting ready for Toastmasters International’s Division T (Thailand) Club Officer Training

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