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Free Workshop: Social Sustainability as Marketing Strategy

21 SEP 17
Dr. Daniel McFarlane School of Global Studies Lecturer Thammasat University What does social sustainability mean to marketers? Along with CSR, it has tended to be seen as a periphery aspect of branding and public – relations activities. However, Dr. McFarlane argues there is a need for a paradigm shift that positions social sustainability at the […]

Luncheon Talk: PTTGC’s Sustainability Journey

21 SEP 17
By Stephen Siu-Fung Ko Advisor to Executives PTT Global Chemical PCL. The principles of the “Circular Economy” are the foundation for PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) sustainability efforts. The company strategically focuses on the circular economy throughout our value chain. From initial design to end use, PTTGC aims for the highest efficiency in the use of […]

Luncheon Talk: Redefining the Good Food

20 JUL 17
By Khun Pipatpong Israsena Na Ayudhya, CEO, Doi Kham and Khun Vasit Taepaisitphongse, President, Betagro Group The Doi Kham Company is an experimental farm initiated by His Late Majesty, King Bhumibol. Its objective is to develop alternative income crops in order to improve hill tribe quality of life. Doi Kham relies upon processing plants in […]

Banking Nature film screening & panel discussion

28 JUN 17
BANKING NATURE is a film about the movement to monetize the natural world: to turn endangered species and threatened areas into instruments of profit. It is a perspective that posits capital and markets as the planet’s salvation, with nature being “natural capital.” In this view, the best way to protect endangered species and habitats is […]

Luncheon Talk: Sustainability beyond greening: an ONYX perspective

15 JUN 17
By Lisa Thomas Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, ONYX Hospitality Group Global regulations are rapidly redefining the business landscape while sparking customer engagement. This offers an opportunity for the hospitality industry to make sustainability become ‘business as usual.’ To ONYX Hospitality Group, this means creating both social value and business value that will enhance brand reputation. […]

Free workshop: Materiality Tool for Impactful Business Project

24 MAY 17
By Darrell Doren Senior Director Sustainability, Foreign Trade Association Corporate Sustainability programs sometimes fail to reach their goals through a lack of understanding of the potential causes of program failure. This workshop introduces strategies to help avoid common pitfalls, including a number of tools that have been used successfully to develop and launch successful Sustainability […]

Luncheon Talk: Leadership Principles: How to Lead a Team to Success

18 MAY 17
By Stefan Kundert Senior Strategic Advisor, Stonehaven Consulting Group (former CEO, Novartis Consumer Health International) Stefan described three dimensions of leadership: self; team; and business. Furthermore, he touches on how to create a high-performance organization by instilling the principles of ownership, accountability, and enterprise thinking through a culture of shared understanding and committed conversations. Stefan […]

Luncheon Talk: Leading the Change: Thaioil’s Ambitious Vision

16 MAR 17
By Santi Wasanasiri VP Innovation and Sustainability of Thaioil Group Thaioil’s vision is to be the leading fully integrated refining and petrochemical conglomerate in the Asia- Pacific region. The company has already made its mark in global sustainable oil and gas industry: As three consecutive years it has earned the highest DJSI score among many […]

Merchants of Doubt film screening and panel discussion

22 FEB 17
Merchants of Doubt: How truth is obscured This award-winning documentary film inspired by the 2010 book, Merchants of Doubt, traces the use of public relations tactics originally developed by the tobacco industry to sow the seeds of doubt about the dangers of smoking and thereby protect their business. The film explores the different methods used […]

Free workshop: Carbon Footprint 101

24 JAN 17
By Liam Salter, Founder and CEO, RESET Carbon We know, that our carbon footprint is a measure of environmental impact. But how many of us know what our carbon footprint is? Join us in a workshop to learn how to convert a range of different activities into impact — kilograms or tonnes of carbon equivalent. […]