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Free workshop: Carbon Footprint 101

24 JAN 17
By Liam Salter, Founder and CEO, RESET Carbon We know, that our carbon footprint is a measure of environmental impact. But how many of us know what our carbon footprint is? Join us in a workshop to learn how to convert a range of different activities into impact — kilograms or tonnes of carbon equivalent. […]

Luncheon Talk: Can Trees be Harvested Sustainably?

19 JAN 17
By Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A If you have ever wondered about the challenge of sustainability within the pulp and paper sector, here is a chance to find out how industry leader Double A manages its resources. Learn about their sustainability strategy, including the sourcing of fiber through its KHAN-NA and Village Fund local initiatives. Our […]

Luncheon Talk: The Business Case for Low Carbon Companies

15 SEP 16
by Liam Salter, Founder and CEO, RESET Carbon Ltd., Hong Kong and Thailand Liam explored how companies in Asia can develop strategies to significantly reduce their carbon footprints while simultaneously reducing costs and benefiting their bottom lines.  Liam Salter, who earned a Master of Science in Environmental Technology from London’s Imperial College, is founder and […]

Luncheon Talk: Innovative Pro Bono

18 AUG 16
By Jessica Marsh Legal Program Manager for Southeast Asia, Australia & the Pacific at TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono program Increasingly, pro bono brings together non-profits, social entrepreneurs, the legal sector, and the private sector to create positive social impact. What is “innovative pro bono?” Jessica Marsh shared her insights on best […]

Luncheon Talk: Change the World One Night at a Time

21 JUL 16
By Benjamin Lephilibert Founder, LightBlue Environmental Consulting Co.,Ltd. There is no doubt that the hospitality industry is another sector with huge sustainability implications.  But How much do we know about hospitality sustainability apart from the little card in the bathroom sink asking us to save water or hang our towels on the rack? Benjamin Lephilibert […]

Happy Film Screening and Panel Discussion

16 JUN 16
What defines Happiness? Is it money? Family? Your work? Something else? Academy-Award nominee, filmmaker Roko Belic, produced this multiple-award winning film, HAPPY, to explore this question. The film examines happiness through interviews with hundreds of people from all walks of life in 14 different countries, Among interviewees were an academic happiness researcher, a rickshaw driver, […]

Luncheon Talk: Capturing Food Waste to Abolish World Hunger

16 JUN 16
by Sira Juntrasook, Indochina Market Environment Manager, Nestlé Food waste is a major problem that is often disregarded. Fully one-third of all food produced worldwide winds up in landfills. But most of us are not even conscious of the food we throw away each day, week, month, or year. A mere quarter of this lost […]

Luncheon Talk: Financial Partnering for Energy-Efficient Buildings

19 MAY 16
by Suwida Kingmuangkow, Senior Investment Officer, AFD-French Development Agency Khun Suwida, a Sasin graduate, has more than 15 years’ experience in the finance and investment industry here and in Singapore. Suwida is with the French Development Agency (AFD), engaged with developing financial solutions for Thai enterprises that are in line with the AFD’s green and […]

Free workshop: GRI Reporting and Materiality

16 MAY 16
by Richard Welford, Co-Founder and Chairman, CSR Asia Stakeholders are increasingly holding companies accountable for their activities. They demand information that is consistent, material, comparable, credible, and well-structured. This short workshop will introduce you to international reporting standards and ways to deliver your sustainability message effectively to support business objectives. This workshop is an introduction […]

Free workshop: Boost performance by tackling waste

17 MAR 16
by Chris Oestereich, Zero Waste Consultant, Linear to Circular and Founder, The Wicked Problems Collaborative This is hands-on instruction about sustainable supply chain issues and operations, using case studies.  Learn from some of the Zero Waste programs Chris has managed.  He’ll share lessons learned, including how to get buy-in from top management and how to devise programs […]