Two Leading Faculties. Two Exceptional Degrees.

When you graduate from this program you will receive:

  • an MBA from Sasin, the first internationally accredited business program in Thailand, and
  • a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, one of the longest established and leading engineering programs in the country.

What you learn in this program will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your career to the next level. These two degrees will be your passports to success.


SCE Program


The curriculum emphasizes the application of state-of-the-art knowledge to solve real industry problems. This will become the focus of your master’s thesis.

Business needs Engineers. Engineers need Business.

We’re told that the data of the world doubles about every 18-24 months. This data explosion moves quantitative analysis to the top of the business agenda.

At the same time, industrial engineers, specializing in quantitative technology, need appropriate business skills to fully realize the full potential of their analyses to solve real-world business problems.

The Sasin Chula Engineering Dual Master’s Degree Program will bridge the gap between engineers and management to produce graduates with the right blend of business knowledge and quantitative skills to match local and global needs.

What sets this program apart?

  • Two degrees from two world-class programs,
  • MBA from Sasin and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University,
  • an integrated curriculum focusing on business management, and analytical and technical skills,
  • practical experience through internships combined with a Master’s Thesis,
  • access to two extensive alumni and corporate partner networks,
  • extensive career opportunities with SCE Corporate Partners,
  • opportunities to receive generous scholarships and fellowships.

MIT/Sasin Collaboration

Sasin-MIT Action Learning Lab is a joint initiative of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University. This program engages joint teams of MBA students from these two schools to work collaboratively on key management challenges facing host companies. Each Action Learning project team has six students, three from MIT Sloan and three from Sasin. Project teams will work full time from mid-June to the end of July at the host company. Upon completion, project teams will report their results to the companies’ top executives. Action Learning projects cover the range of issues that leadership teams face.  Subject matter can involve strategy, operations, business development, finance, marketing, and human resources, as well as other management challenges.  Most issues fall into two categories: problems that need to be solved, and opportunities that need to be exploited.
Sasin Dual MBA & M.Eng students can apply to participate in this program, which is a 6-credit course that will satisfy the MBA “action learning” degree requirement. The students will also receive a certificate of completion from MIT.


Graduates of this Dual Degree Program are:

  • highly qualified young managers,
  • with broad business management knowledge,
  • strong analytical skills,
  • and the ability to apply them to the real world with a global vision.

By virtue of their broad skill set, SCE graduates have unlimited career opportunities.  They could pursue careers in:

  • manufacturing,
  • operations,
  • management consulting,
  • work as product managers,
  • directors of supply chain management,
  • operations manager,
  • analysts,
  • or advisors.

They are targeted to become top managements/executives and Chief Operations Officers (COO) along their boundless career paths.

Two Alumni Networks

In today’s global business world, being part of the right network is essential to success and nowhere is this truer than in Thailand and ASEAN. Graduates of the SCE program have access to both the Chulalongkorn Engineering alumni network and the Sasin alumni network.

As the oldest engineering school in Thailand, the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering has a network that goes back generations and includes leaders at some of the region’s most prominent companies.

The Sasin Alumni Association (SAA) has grown to over 5,000 members, a group that includes executives of Thailand’s business groups, prominent national government leaders, and executives in top multinationals. SAA strives to cultivate professional networks and to support continuous learning while enhancing the reputation of Sasin through alumni service and activities.

Sasin Alumnus Frank Timmons EMBA 2000

 At Sasin, I was amazed to learn that the world of business is no less  technical, numerical, intellectually rigorous, factual, and  comprehensible than was engineering. I didn’t need to become a  different person, and all of my engineering tools and technical skills could be very effectively leveraged to learn and lead in the business world. Thanks to Sasin and its world-class faculty, and perhaps most importantly my classmates and Sasin alumni, I now have a diverse collection of extraordinarily useful and efficient tools, to address a broad range of challenges and opportunities.

 Frank Timmons (Sasin  EMBA 2000)

Managing Director
Apichet Technology Co., Ltd. 

Sasin Map (Bangkok)


Prof. Ian Fenwick, Sasin EMBA Marketing Class