Internship & Master’s Thesis

Your internship, combined with your Master’s thesis project represents a major portion of the Dual MBA & Master of Engineering Program. From a career development perspective, these form the essence of your Sasin Chula Engineering Dual MBA & Master of Engineering program .

Your Master’s thesis is written with the support and guidance of SCE faculty members and our industry partners. Your thesis will emphasize the importance of applying theory to solve real-life industry problems.

Your internship will give you practical experience in applying acquired skills in an industrial setting.

Your Master’s thesis will give you an opportunity to reflect on, and summarize, your internship experiences, while making an intellectual contribution to the field of operations.

Academically, the internship serves as the source of research for the thesis, incorporating both engineering and management issues. During the 3-5 month internship, you will develop the scope and content of your research topic. Upon completion of your thesis, you will present your findings and recommendations to your sponsoring companies.

Industry Partners

Industry partners play a key role in the success of the Dual MBA & Master of Engineering program.

Sasin and the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering work closely with industry partners to ensure that the program is always relevant and is meeting practical industry needs.

Industry partners will also be involved in the internship and thesis portions of the program. They will work with Sasin and Chula Engineering to provide scholarships and fellowships to qualified applicants and for their employees.

For our Industry Partners, the Internship program is an opportunity to work with interns to address current issues and projects within your company; while the Master’s thesis produced by our students will offer practical solutions to these issues. Graduates of our program then have the opportunity to continue working with their sponsoring companies.