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Success with Significance, for Experienced Executives

Business education for senior and mid-career executives must prepare you for a future of success with significance.

The Sasin Executive MBA offers you an exciting, challenging and comprehensive learning experience to equip you to make enduring contributions to your organization and to society.


More than 30 years of experience

For more than 30 years, Sasin’s exceptional curriculum has produced leaders with the knowledge, passion and values to make a lasting difference. We designed our Executive MBA program in collaboration with renowned U.S. management schools: Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. We combined this “Western” management approach with the thought leadership of Thailand’s oldest and most well-known academic institution, Chulalongkorn University.

Visiting and full-time faculty

The Sasin Executive MBA brings you experienced visiting faculty. By teaching our courses over 5-week modules, we have been able to draw on global talents by inviting visiting professors from other top b-schools.

These visiting professors are complemented with top quality full-time faculty, available to you throughout the year, and with other management experts that present guest classes and seminars from time to time.

A part-time program, delivered in English, in less than two years

The Sasin Executive MBA program is designed to be convenient for executives who travel during the week, and to be accessible from across the region.

  • Executive MBA courses are normally scheduled on Friday evenings (18:00-21:30) and all day Saturday (8:30-16:30), and regular class attendance is required,
  • overnight accommodation is available for you at our on campus hotel, Sasa International House, at a discounted rate,
  • courses are normally offered over six 5-week modules each year (for exact module dates see Key Dates),
  • you will take two courses each module,
  • most courses count for 3 credit-hours each (there may be a few shorter 1.5 credit hour courses),
  • to graduate, you need to complete a total of 72 credit-hours, which is usually 24 courses.

Hear what Dr. Serge Oréal, Sasin Visiting Professor, has to say about Sasin programs.

Individual and group work

While most courses will require individual assignments, study groups and teamwork are essential to the Executive MBA experience. You can expect many group projects. One hallmark of the program is the informal groups that meet to share expertise. Amongst your classmates will be experts in almost every field of management. As their particular areas are discussed in class, so your in-class experts will meet with you after class to review key topics and make sure that everyone is on board!

Although classes are normally scheduled on Friday evenings and Saturdays, there will be occasional make-up classes held at other times. You should also expect to consult with classmates either face-to-face or by video conferencing several times during the week. Plan for about 15 hours a week on out-of-class work on average. Remember this will likely be higher towards the end of modules when exams and final assignments loom!

Regular class attendance is required. You are expected to attend all sessions of courses for which you are registered. Chulalongkorn University requires that you be permitted to take final examinations in a course only if you have attended at least 80% of the scheduled classes.


Sasin Map (Bangkok)

Prof. Ian Fenwick, Sasin Executive MBA Marketing Class