Transformative Action Learning

Sasin’s flagship Executive MBA is built around what we call Transformative Action Learning.

Action Learning is about meeting real-world challenges, implementing solutions, and reflecting on results.

  • You’ll work on unstructured, complex, practical, hands-on issues.
  • You’ll work in diverse teams to stimulate creative curiosity, questioning, and reflection.
  • You’ll generate clear, action-oriented results and the team will learn to tackle more complex problems.

Transformative Action Learning is about challenging and changing your assumptions and beliefs; transforming your actions.

The pace with which technology, culture, society—and as a result management—are evolving leaves thoughts, feelings, and actions far behind. There is an urgent need to recalibrate your reality. That’s transformative learning!

Sasin faculty and alumni talk about Transformative Action Learning at Sasin

Life-long Learning Leaders for a Digital World

For more than 30 years, Sasin’s exceptional curriculum has produced leaders with the knowledge, passion and values to make a lasting difference. 

We designed our Executive MBA program in collaboration with renowned U.S. management schools: Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

We combined this “Western” management approach with the thought leadership of Thailand’s oldest and most well-known academic institution, Chulalongkorn University.

As the world has changed, so too has the curriculum. We are now most definitely in a digital world. Digital pervades the curriculum as it pervades our lives, and our management.

Eclectic, Practical, International Faculty

Sasin originated the practice of blending courses taught by visiting professors, coming from top management schools around the world, with our own full-time faculty. This model has since been adopted by many business programs.

All Sasin faculty, whether visiting or full-time, have graduated from the very top schools, and bring global insights and experience to the classroom. Our courses bridge theory and practice to provide participants with the latest frameworks, in a way that emphasizes real-world application. Because Sasin faculty remain close to business through their consulting and research activities, they can share practical cutting-edge insights.

Bringing faculty from around the globe ensures that the curriculum is always fresh and cutting-edge, with a truly worldwide orientation.

Complete Your Degree in Just 18 Months, While You Work

The Sasin Executive MBA program is designed for the convenience of executives who travel during the week. The program is accessible from across the region.

  • Executive MBA classes are normally scheduled on Friday evenings (18:00 to 21:30) and Saturdays (09:00 to 17:00). There may be occasional make-ups at other times.
  • Regular classes attendance is required. You are expected to attend all sessions of courses for which you are registered. Chulalongkorn University requires that you be permitted to take final examinations only if you have attended at least 80% of the scheduled classes.
  • For occasional work-related absences, participants can catch-up by watching a recording of the class. However, you’ll quickly find that the live class, with the cut and thrust of class discussions, is something you won’t want to miss.
  • Classes have a meal break: meals and snacks are included.
  • You should reckon on about 10 hours of out-of-class study per course. Bear in mind this could be more for subjects that are new to you.
  • Overnight accommodation is available at our adjacent on campus hotel, Sasa International House, at a discounted rate.
  • Courses are normally offered over  5-week modules (for exact module dates see Key Dates).
  • Most courses count for 3 credit-hours each (there may be a few shorter 1.5 credit hour courses).
  • Usually, you will take two 3-credit courses each module.
  • To graduate, you need to successfully complete a total of 72 credit-hours.

Dr. Serge Oréal, Sasin Visiting Professor, talks about Sasin programs.

Craft the Program That’s Most Relevant to You

After you’ve developed your core skill sets, your own interests will drive your learning.

Project-driven courses will allow you to focus on the areas, issues, and industries that directly concern you.

Your choice of project puts you in the driver’s seat. While most courses will require individual assignments, action learning is involves frequent study groups and teamwork.

Informal Group Resources

One hallmark of the Executive MBA experience is the informal groups that meet to share expertise.

Amongst your classmates will be experts in almost every field of management. As their particular areas are discussed in class, so your in-class experts will meet with you after class to review key topics and make sure that everyone is on board!

You should expect to consult with classmates either face-to-face or by video conferencing several times during the week.


Sasin Map (Bangkok)

Prof. Ian Fenwick, Sasin Executive MBA Marketing Class