Executive MBA Core Courses |  Executive MBA Elective Courses

Global Management Tools and Concepts

The Executive MBA curriculum will provide you with a comprehensive management education designed for experienced executives emphasizing:

  • leadership,
  • the ability to operate at national, regional, and global levels,
  • creativity, and
  • the integration of business and society,
  • with a global perspective, and ASEAN focus.

The program covers 2 management residential sessions (one is a 2-week International Residential, the other a weekend residential in Thailand) and 11 taught modules.

Throughout the program there is an emphasis on what we call Transformative Action Learning. This involves working on unstructured complex real-life problems, often in groups, and reflecting on results. The aim is to challenge and change your assumptions and belief: to transform your actions.

To Complete Your Program

To graduate from the Executive MBA program, you need to successfully complete a total of 72 credit-hours of courses. That’s usually 25 courses. Most courses are 3 credit-hours; some are shorter at 1.5 credit-hours.

This includes 12 (required) core courses representing 33 credit-hours (two of the core courses are 1.5 credit courses), and and 13 elective courses, representing another 39 credit-hours.

The entire program covers 18 months. For module dates see Key Dates.

Pre-Program Activities

Pre-Executive MBA activities give you the opportunity to meet and bond with your classmates and be better prepared for the program proper. Pre-program activities usually include:

  • Orientation: introducing you to Sasin facilities, staff and faculty. This often features an alumni panel to advise on how to make the most of your opportunities at Sasin, and some top business leaders speaking about contemporary business issues,
  • Get-Away Visit: with ice-breaking and group forming activities,
  • Short preparatory courses to make sure you’re all up to scratch in the basics of Math, Statistics, and Accounting.

Core, Required Courses

The first modules of your program focus primarily on core, required, courses. These prepare you for the more individually-tailored curriculum of subsequent modules, which will be driven by your desired choice of electives.

The core curriculum emphasizes deepening and systematization of your management skills. It provides the foundation for your Executive MBA program.

Sasin Executive MBAs at Kellogg School of Management, August 2016

A Typical Schedule

Please note that the exact sequence of course will vary from year to year. What follows is a general guide only.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

School Break

  • between Modules 8 and 9 there is normally a school break of about 6 weeks. See Key Dates for details.

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Module 12

Learning Beyond the Classroom

In addition, Sasin offers many experiences beyond the classroom.

  • taking part in entrepreneurial business plan competitions,
  • attending presentations by noted speakers and renowned global leaders,
  • participating in Sasin’s ever-changing array of clubs, sports, and networking activities.