Global Initiatives in Management | Exchange Programs

From Class to Field Trip

The Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) program is an exciting opportunity that offers Sasin MBA students the chance to learn about non-Thai business environments within an innovative and flexible framework combining classroom-based learning with structured in-country field research.

Sasin students on their GIM trip to Japan

Students meet with industry leaders and carry out the primary research needed to complete their group projects. The location is selected by the students with the courses organized by student leaders under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Recent GIM Countries

The country focus of GIM studies is driven by your interests. Different classes have different interests and choose different countries and industries. Usually we are able to study multiple countries and send several groups to each country. Each group only focuses on one country, of course.

In recent years, we’ve had groups studying in:

  • Italy
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Vietnam

Recent GIM Studies

The range of study topics matches the diversity of MBA students! A recent selection of topics and titles includes:

  • Italian Fashion and Design: Are Aesthetics Enough?
    Looking at how Italian design strengths can deal with  global competitive pressures, and sustainability concerns.
  • Food and Beverages: Excellence in Exports
    Just how do Italian food firms maintain their excellence in exporting?
  • Labor Law in Italy: An Analysis of Management Practice
  • Wine: Competitiveness of Small Wineries
    Examining recent Improvements in Italian wine production and the competitiveness of small wineries in the global market
  • Incubator Lessons: Successes and Failures of Japanese Incubators and Insights for Thailand
  • Waste Management: Japanese Waste Separation and Opportunities for Thailand
  • Souvenirs: Role of Kansei Engineering in a Successful Product Launch
  • Soccer: Sustainable Management of Professional Football Clubs & Leagues in Japan
  • Aging Problems: Impacts of Increasing Retirement Age in Japan.
  • Competitive Japanese Railways: A Business Model
  • Korean Automotive: A Case Study of KIA Motor
  • Korean medical tourism: An Industry Analysis
  • Insights into Korean Food Manufacturers
  • Korean Culture: A Potent Tool for Marketing of a Nation
  • Japanese Convenience Stores: Future Trends
  • Logistics and R&D in the Japanese Ready-to-Eat Meal Packaging Industry
  • Resolving Cultural Conflicts in Corporate Japan
  • Marketing of Vending Machines in Japan
  • Minimalist Management: The Art of Subtraction