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The World to Sasin: Sasin to the World

Exposure to international business, multiple cultures, and global business problems is essential to creating successful business leaders.

Prof. Evan Douglas, from Griffith University in Australia, teaches a Sasin course on entrepreneurship.

Sasin MBA integrates an international perspective throughout the program, almost every course will involve international examples, cases, and perspectives. Students have many opportunities to learn about global business practices and develop international contacts within their class and within the faculty.

In addition, Sasin offers some more in-depth international experiences.

Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)

This elective course is offered in the second year of your program. The course allows students to study a specific industry in a specific country.

First, they learn about business in that industry and country from business leaders at Sasin. Then they visit the country to conduct first-hand business research. On return to Sasin, students compile practical management analyses of all they have studied and experienced. These become resources for other students, for faculty, and for alumni (details on Global Initiatives in Management).

Exchange Programs

Sasin offers MBA students access to an evolving network of exchange programs with over 25 leading b-schools around the world. Exchange programs give you the opportunity to live and study in another country, while earning credit towards your MBA at Sasin.

As a tool for building your future business network, exchange programs are invaluable. Each year 30-40 full-time MBA students take this opportunity, and a similar number of students choose to visit and study at Sasin. Incoming Exchange Students work closely with their Sasin colleagues, providing further opportunities for cultural exchange and international networking (details on Exchange Programs).

Applying for Exchanges

Sasin students should contact Sasin’s Student Affairs Office at, early in their first year of study. Exchange program applicants are invited to submit an essay application and are interviewed.

For students at Sasin Exchange Partner Schools, interest in coming to study at Sasin, your first step is to contact your school’s Exchange Coordinator.

International Dual Degree Programs

Sasin offers Dual Degree Programs with:

  • the Schulich School of Business, York University in Canada
  • and with the European Business School (EBS), Universität Für Wirtschaft und Recht in Germany.

These programs provide you with the chance to study for one year at Sasin and one year at our partner school…and come away with a degree from Sasin and one from the partner school (details on Dual Degree Programs)