Get your MBA while you work

We understand that it’s difficult to take time off work to pursue an MBA. So we’ve created the Sasin part-time Part-Time MBA Program. Designed for young corporate managers, entrepreneurs, and family business leaders, it offers you the flexibility of studying for your MBA part-time, without disrupting your career. You can work during the day, attend evening classes at Sasin and get your MBA in just over two years of part-time study. 




Tradition of Excellence

Sasin’s newest offering carries on the tradition of excellence that has been part of Sasin for over 34 years. In 1982, Chulalongkorn University, Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania collaborated to establish a top English language MBA program in Bangkok. Today, Sasin is the top MBA program in Thailand and one of the most highly regarded programs in the region. 

In 2010, Sasin became the first business school in Thailand to receive international accreditation, first from AACSB, the US-based accreditation body, and then EQUIS, the European-based accreditation organization. Sasin is still the only school in Thailand with both accreditations, and one of the few in Asia.

Part-Time MBA Program will teach the same curriculum, with the same faculty members, and will provide you with the same tools to achieve your career goals as our Full-Time MBA program, but over a period of 27 months of part-time study, instead of 15 months.



Faculty and Curriculum

Sasin’s part-time MBA courses are taught by a mix of visiting professors from top business schools around the world, and our own full-time faculty. Our faculty members bring global insights and experience, as well as knowledge of local and regional markets, to a range of business disciplines—from finance and marketing to accounting, strategy and organizational behavior.

They also pride themselves on bridging theory and practice to provide our students with the latest frameworks, doing so in a way that emphasizes real-world application of the ideas presented in the Sasin classroom. Because Sasin faculty remain close to business through their consulting and research activities, they can share cutting-edge insights with students at all levels.

Sasin’s part-time MBA curriculum involves the latest teaching methods, including case studies, hands-on “action” learning, lectures, seminars and independent study.

Sasin Map (Bangkok)

Prof. Ian Fenwick, Sasin MBA for Managers, part-time study, class