Sirasa Kantaratanakul
Chief of Business Development
Sasin Center for Sustainability Management

Sirasa has been a project manager and researcher in sustainability specializing in marine conservation for over five years. She began her career as an Oceans Campaigner with Greenpeace Southeast Asia, where she developed, organized, and directed multiple ocean campaigns. Since leaving Greenpeace, she has remained staunchly committed to the cause of marine conservation.

Sirasa received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Hotel Management from the American College of Switzerland in 2006. The following year she earned a Master’s in International Business. Because of her extensive background in business, and her passion for sustainability in general and marine conservation, in particular, she is currently a PhD candidate in the Environment,Development and Sustainability Program of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

As the Chief of Business Development at SCSM, she is an integral part of the advisory team where she develops, secures, and manages the Center’s many corporate projects. Her specialty is organizing Educational Trips and Sustainability Events. She is also in charge of organizing a comprehensive and varied program of outreach events. Moreover, she coordinates the practicum modules offered as part of the sustainability-related courses at Sasin. Sirasa is a fixer with an attitude that reflects her belief that everything worth doing can be done.