Entrepreneurship? It’s in our DNA!

Entrepreneurship has been an integral part of Sasin’s culture since we were founded thirty-five years ago.

“Self-reliance and Entrepreneurship” has long been a key Sasin learning objective.

Bangkok Business Challenge

The importance of entrepreneurship and new ventures at Sasin was further demonstrated by the establishment of Bangkok Business Challenge in 2002. This has now become Thailand’s only global new venture competition.

New Venture Plan Successes

Every year Sasin’s entrepreneurial roots are reinforced by the successes of our MBA student teams in global business plan competitions.

Most recently, Sasin’s RediGen team won two international competitions on the way to being selected as First Runner-up at the 2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition (GVLIC), the world championship of business plan competitions.

Our Focus: Four Major Activities

Sasin Entrepreneurship Center (SEC) Concept

The Center will focus on four main activities:

1. Curriculum Innovation

We want to make entrepreneurship one of the main attractions for future students, and a magnet to keep alumni involved with Sasin.

2. Entrepreneurial Outreach

We will create an entrepreneurship ecosystem that has a positive impact on start-ups and SME’s, and supports local, and global, competitions. We are already active with: 

3. New Venture Commercialization

We will  provide a platform where innovators meet with savvy investors to create new business ventures.

4. Research & Consultation

We are gathering knowledge from start-up cases to provide best practice analysis to improve Thailand’s innovation landscape. This will involve collaborations with government, academic and research centers

Managing the SEC

The Sasin Entrepreneurship Center (SEC) is managed by Kongpan Pramoj Na Ayudhaya (Sasin MBA 2000), Nick Pisalyaput (Sasin MBA 2003; Sasin Faculty of Management) and Surasit Sachdev (Sasin MBA 2012), with Associate Professor Adith Cheosakul (Sasin Faculty of Management) as Honorary Chairman.

For more information, contact: entrepreneurship@sasin.edu.