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Reports (selected):

Fujioka, T., “Post-AEC Regional Industrial Strategy and the new Thailand-Japan Partnership for Mekong Region,” JICA Project Report, August 2014.

Fujioka, T., “Study on the Business Alliance Model between Thailand and Japan: In Search for the Social Capital Enhancement,” JICA Project Report, June 2013. 


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Newspaper articles (selected):

SJC Collaboration Project with NNA newspaper includes interviews with CEO of PTT, Chariman of B Grimm, Charimant of Saha Group, President of DKSH  Thailand etc.

“Pursing localization through three approaches”  with Mr. Fujiwara, General Manager of Sekisui Chemical, July 2015.

“To strengthen outbound products for Thai tourists” with Mr. Sakata, President of JTB Thailand, April 2015

“Taking the tea market by storm with its unique management” with Mr. Tan Passakornnattee, CEO of Ichitan Group, February 2015

“Make a difference with independent path” with Mr.  Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, President of Bangkok Airways, June 2016


                    ichitan PPbangkok-airways-nna

                   HP sekisuiJTB


Magazine articles (selected):

Fujioka, T. “Thailand Plus One Strategy in the Semi-Globalized World,” Asia Pacific Plant Management, 16 (94), June 2015

Fujioka, T. “Three Dimensional Connectivity,” Asia Pacific Plant Management, 16 (93), April 2015

Fujioka, T. “Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Following the Formation of the AEC,” Asia Pacific Plant Management, 13 (91), December 2014


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