Sasin Journal of Management: Volume 10, Number 1, 2004


Sasin Journal of Management: Volume 10, Number 1, 2004lan Alon, Rozenn Perrigot & Gérard Cliquet
The Internationalization of French and American Franchisors in the Hotel Sector

This paper deals with the comparison of two French and American hotel markets and their internationalization strategies. Comparing two countries in which tourism is developed and the hotel sector is vibrant allows researchers to see if the factors of internationalization are the same. The importance of these two markets, as far as the hotel industry is concerned, is exposed before focusing on a brief history of the French hotel sector. International hotel franchising literature is also reviewed. In the empirical section, the authors examine differences in size, age and growth rates between French and American hotel chains and investigate potential causal relationships between these variables and internationalization. This exploratory research uses non-parametrical statistics.

Kritika Kongsompong
Sex, Social Influence, and Locus of Control: A Multicultural Analysis on Consumer Behavior

This study investigates the potential differences in consumer behavior in a multicultural setting, especially the relationship between the amount of social influences that occurs in purchasing decisions and people’s orientation toward locus of control. This construct has long been recognized as a factor capable of explaining important dimensions of consumer decision making. The results show that men and women from East Asian collectivist countries (namely Thailand and Singapore) exhibit more external locus of control tendencies than men and women from typically individualist countries (Australia and the United States). Thus, the latter group is found exhibiting a greater degree of internal locus of control in buying situations. Further, this study reports that Asian men and women are more responsive to social influence in a hypothetical buying situation than that of their Western counterparts. Managerial implications are discussed and direction of future research is also recommended.

Maher H. AL-Mahrouq
Size and Firm Growth in Manufacturing Section in Jordan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of firm size on the growth of manufacturing plants in Jordan during the period 1998-2003. Unemployment in Jordan is a serious problem. If it is shown that the size of a firm has a significant effect on its growth, then, from a policy point of view as a way of reducing unemployment, this should act as an incentive for programs that promote survival and growth of small firms. This paper shows that Gibrat’s Law is invalid in the manufacturing sector in Jordan, as smaller firms grow at faster rates in comparison to their larger counterparts.

Patchara Popaitoon
Determinants of Job Satisfaction Among Managers Working for Wireless Communication Operators in Thailand

The wireless communication operators industry in Thailand has encountered a shortage of skilled employees; therefore, retaining them within the organization is crucial. Empirical studies have reported that job dissatisfaction is one of the major causes of employee resignation while job satisfaction has a negative effect on turnover intent. This cross-sectional study explores the relationship between job satisfaction and the five job dimensions, i.e., salary/benefits, development growth, supervision, co-worker and job characteristics among managers working for wireless communication operators in Thailand. A web-based questionnaire survey was conducted and received a 43% response rate. Results from regression analysis revealed that development growth generates the most positive association with high levels of job satisfaction. The study also identifies that supervision, number of years in position and task significance, which is one characteristic of the job content, are positively associated with job satisfaction. Management implications and limitations of the research are discussed.

Potchanart Seebungkerd
The Positive Effect of Leadership Profile of Managers on Work Environment and Business Performance

While quality of leadership is considered one of the key success factors of business performance, a pleasant working environment also plays a critical role in enabling employees to perform at their best. A number of research articles indicate that managers with strong leadership qualities have an important influence on the work environment and the job performance of employees. Therefore, a close and detailed study of the leadership qualities of managers – and their effect on the working environment and business performance – can help an organization in finding and developing the best managers to provide a good working environment and optimum business performance.

Siripong Preutthipan & Phayat Wutthirong
The Impact of Customer Loyalty on Word of Mouth (WOM) under Different CustomerSatisfaction Levels: A Case Study of CPAC Ready Mixed Concrete

The competition in Ready Mixed Concrete and other related businesses has been increasingly tough. In order to create competitive advantages, each company should treat their customers as their own employees. This way, the customers who are impressed with the service would tell other people about their experiences through positive Word of Mouth (WOM). Positive WOM reduces risks, creates good brand image and reduces promotion expenses. This study aims at exploring the impact of customer loyalty on positive WOM under different customer satisfaction levels.

This study involved 145 contractors in Nakornsawan Province who used CPAC ready mixed concrete from March to August 2003. The study was conducted by using structured questionnaires. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were the statistical tools used. To test the hypotheses, Pearson Correlation and Mediator Regression Analysis were used. To analyze the data, SPSS software was used. Statistics were considered significant at the 0.05 level.

The findings revealed that customer loyalty had an impact on positive WOM under different customer satisfaction levels. If a customer is satisfied, customer loyalty is initiated. In turn, positive WOM follows. Therefore, every business should enhance customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will increase customer loyalty resulting in repeat orders and a long-term relationship. Finally, this will result in positive WOM including suggestions to others and positive talk about the business, products or service.

SJM Interview: Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham

Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham became CEO and President of Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand’s fourth-largest and oldest lender in May 1999 only a month after returning from an astounding road show that had raised badly needed fresh capital. SCB was struggling with 221.7 billion baht ($6 billion) in bad debts, equivalent to 40% of outstanding loans (compared to the industry average of 46% at that time). In April, as senior executive vice president, the genteel but dynamic Khunying Jada had persuaded investors in the US and Europe to pay $675.7 million for new preference shares and the international tranche was 10 times oversubscribed. The government put in another $878.4 million as part of its program to help the financial system by matching, baht for baht, new capital raised by the banks.

SJM spent an hour with Thailand’s foremost lady banker one Monday morning last September.