Visiting and full-time faculty

Sasin originated the practice of blending courses taught by visiting professors, coming from top management schools around the world, with our own full-time faculty. This model has since been adopted by many business programs.

All Sasin faculty, whether visiting or full-time, have graduated from the very top schools, and bring global insights and experience to the classroom.

Take a look at our representative faculty lineup, not all faculty will be teaching in every module, and click through to their detailed bios.

Academic Advisors
Dr. Andreas Liefooghe (Management)
Dr. Douglas Abrams (Venture Capital Funcing)
Dr. Mark W. Finn (Accounting)
Dr. Paul Malatesta (Finance)
Dr. Paul Tiffany (Strategy)

Visiting Faculty
Dr. Andreas Liefooghe (Management)
Dr. Brett Saraniti (Economics)
Mr. Chanitr Charnchainarong (Management)
Dr. Douglas Abrams (Venture Capital Funding)
Dr. Eduard M. Sprokholt (Finance)
Dr. Evan Douglas (Management)
Dr. Kanich Punyashthiti (Business Law)
Dr. Kathleen O’Brien (Management)
Dr. Larry Persons (Management)
Dr. Mark Finn (Accounting)
Dr. Michael Frenkel (Finance)
Dr. Olivier Tabatoni (Finance)
Dr. Paul H. Malatesta (Finance)
Dr. Paul Tiffany (Strategy)
Dr. Serge Oreal (Management)
Dr. Sharad Borle (Decision Sciences)
Dr. Sorapop Kiatpongsan (Management)
Dr. Stephen B. Young (Management)
Dr. Sudhakar Deshmukh (Decision Sciences)