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Alumni Activities

Alumni activities may cover a wide range of interests and formats, but each activity offers the opportunity to build and strengthen the bonds between Sasin community members as well as to maintain linkages with the Institute.   

Sasin Update-Reunion
As part of Sasin’s dedication to life-long learning, the “Sasin Update-Reunion” program offers a free afternoon talk focused on keeping alumni abreast of developments in knowledge and technology which may help enhance their professional skills and awareness. Held since 1999, the speakers are Kellogg or Sasin professors recognized as leaders in their field. The talk is usually followed by the evening home-coming “Sasin Reunion” hosted by the Sasin Alumni Association

Sasin and the SAA offer one-to-three day seminars every two months.  Sasin alumni can attend at either a discounted rate or, in some seminars, free of charge.

MBA/EMBA Interviewing
Each year about 30 Sasin alumni act as interviewers for MBA/EMBA Admissions, thus not only actively staying involved and connected to the Sasin community, but also having the opportunity to help shape each entering class. Alumni interviewers play an invaluable role in ensuring that Sasin continues to admit only the most suitable candidates. Moreover, from sharing their first-hand experiences as former Sasin students with prospective students, they help prospective students gain a much better and accurate understanding of Sasin.

MBA Executive Mentoring 
Sasin alumni meet with groups of MBA students to provide them with the benefit of their real-life experiences in becoming effective managers and business leaders. The mentoring program helps students get more out of their time at Sasin while concurrently enabling them to think about their future careers.  Thus, this program significantly helps strengthen relationships and encourages networking between alumni and current students.

Sasin encourages its alumni to keep healthy.  Alumni, and their families, too, are welcome to come to the Sasabol Health and Recreation Center to enjoy the fitness and sauna facilities and swimming at modest yearly fees.
Other sports activities offered are:
  • Sasin King’s Cup Charity Golf Tournament: an annual charity golf tournament with alumni as organizing members and/or participants.
  • Sasin Golf Club: the Sasin Alumni Association holds two or three tournaments yearly among Sasin alumni and friends. 
  • Sasin Games: Sasin students organize the games with alumni invited to participate.
  • Sasin Football Club: current students, alumni and staff are active members.  Each month, a soccer match is held the first Friday at the Chulalongkorn University soccer field to strengthen ‘esprit de corps’ among current Sasin students and alumni.

SAA Charity Events
SAA is regularly involved in events that raise money for charity, such as the SAA Charity Golf Tournament which raises funds for Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu, a temple outside of Lopburi providing care to AIDS patients.


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