Dual MBA & Master of Engineering

Sasin + Chula Engineering. Two leading faculties. Two leading degrees.

We aim to form a dynamic and diverse student body, representing many countries, cultures, personalities, backgrounds, and career aspirations. A number of places may be allocated to non-Thai students to ensure the international representativeness of the program. We are looking for students with:
  • outstanding potential for leadership,
  • as well as the intellectual and interpersonal skills,
  • who can make a meaningful contribution to the academic and extracurricular life of the program and the university.
We will review all aspects of your application to assess you compared to our overall pool of applicants. Admission is not driven by any single measure, but rather by the overall constellation of activities and achievements that you express. We will attempt to evaluate your potential through a careful review of experience and accomplishments in full-and-part time work settings, including your extracurricular activities. During the selection process, we will evaluate your academic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, work experience, and management potential.

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