SEC Sundowner Chat | "Capitalising on Opportunity - Realising Strategic Growth for SMEs and Family Businesses via M&A" with Richard Smith (Head of Corporate Finance at Tractus Asia)

10 Aug 2021
Capitalising on Opportunity – Realising Strategic Growth for SMEs and Family Businesses via M&A
M&A is not just for mega deal corporates and funds. It can create shareholder value, particularly in down markets. SMEs should be taking a serious look at strategic M&A as achieving organic growth is very difficult in slow growth markets (as you need to take business away from a competitor). SME’s do not need to be bystanders or merely targets in the process of shareholder value creation via M&A. M&A involves complex issues which need to be clearly understood before proceeding down this path. Mistakes can be costly. Mr. Smith is Head of Corporate Finance for Tractus Asia, bringing more than 25 years of corporate finance experience in Asia. Richard has and continues to work across a range of industries with a particular focus on cross-border transactions and bridging the gap between owner-entrepreneurs and corporate/financial/institutional investors. Tractus Asia is a business strategy consulting and operations management firm dedicated to helping clients invest and thrive in Asia. The event was kicked off with a presentation of Mr. Smith on the topic before opening the floor for a moderated chat and a Q&A segment for the audience to join the conversation. Some of the Sundowner’s covered topics were:
  • What is driving M&A boom
  • Approaches to M&A
  • M&A options for SMEs
  • Challenges for SMEs
Find the slides from Mr. Smith’s presentation here. Furthermore, please see Mr. Smith’s past event with the Sasin SEC in which he highlights the prerequisites and process to sell your business or startup. WHEN: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at 6.30pm #SasinSEC #sasinschoolofmanagement #SECsundowner
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