Business schools play a pivotal role in driving the transition to new models of responsible growth. It is Sasin’s ambition to play a leading role in accelerating this transition in Southeast Asia, through the promotion of ‘sustainability through an entrepreneurial mindset and mindful leadership’.




SUSTAINABILITY IN OUR PROGRAMS For over a decade, sustainability has been an integral part of our curriculum at Sasin. Sustainability is not a replacement for the regular business curriculum, but rather a theme that runs throughout it. We need the entrepreneurial efforts of our brightest young minds to develop businesses that prioritize sustainability before it’s too late.



An entrepreneurial mindset finds radical new solutions through creative application of existing resources. This is needed if we are to implement the sustainable business practices required for our survival. Entrepreneurship is an integral part of Sasin’s culture. It’s in our DNA: Sasin students compete – and regularly win – on the global entrepreneurship stage, whether in competition or in actual startup successes. Our Bangkok Business Challenge is the longest-running collegiate startup competition in Asia. Sasin sets the standard in promoting sustainable best practices in ASEAN, melding entrepreneurship and sustainability ecosystems to benefit Thailand and the region.

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