Digital Platform Insights: Jones Lang LaSalle

24 Aug 2023
By Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC Picture:  Ph.D. Candidate Amornrut Det-udomsap (R) with SasinSEC team members Panichat Kitisittichai (L) and Cady Wang (Center) and Claris EA team members Chatri Srivichit and Suthasinee Ounhasutthiyanon (L-R, rear) Continuing our ESG digital platform collaboration between SasinSEC and Claris EA, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ph.D. Candidate Amornrut Det-Udomsap, Head of Sustainability, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Thailand. Ms. Amornrut’s expertise offered an invaluable perspective on the importance of ESG solutions, the challenges faced by business, and the innovative initiatives JLL has taken to drive sustainable change. Regulatory Imperatives Driving ESG Solutions: Ms. Amornrut emphasized the critical role that regulatory authorities play in boosting the drive market for ESG solutions. She pointed out how governments worldwide implement policies to encourage Net Zero emissions — for example, carbon fees and mandated reporting standards for publicly traded firms. And before beginning to build development initiatives, real estate construction companies must comply with energy law standards. Moreover, to support the monitoring of environmental conditions, companies must also submit annual reports confirming continued compliance during a building’s operating life. Addressing the Knowledge Gap: Ms. Amornrut added that many companies in Thailand seek help concering where to begin, how to execute, and how to monitor ESG activities effectively throughout the end-to-end process. Recognizing this, JLL has begun initiatives to assist customers in establishing their ultimate ESG goals and in developing roadmaps to achieve them. Barriers and Challenges for ESG Adoption: Ms. Amornrut acknowledged the barriers to using sustainability platforms and related services. For example, ESG is considered by some to be a cost factor rather than a chance to make a big difference. Transparency concerns related to reporting and disclosing information may also hinder receptiveness, especially when activities consume excessive resources or result in more negative than positive impacts. Other challenges could include administrative costs, automation options, and data accuracy and completeness. Tailored Approach to ESG Implementation: As each organization has its own unique core values and approaches to ESG, Ms. Amornrut emphasized that there is no one-size-fits-all standard or framework. Therefore, the starting point for developing solutions is to identify basic standards serving as a common ground for most entities, followed by customized solutions tailored to each entity’s specific needs based on their nature and requirements. The insights gained from our interview with Ms. Amornrut will help guide the work of developing comprehensive and practical solutions to address businesses’ unique challenges. SasinSEC’s journey to empowering enterprises on their sustainable journeys, and driving positive change, continues.
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