Enhancing the ESG Digital Platform through Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

25 Aug 2023
By Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC                                                                                                                            Picture: Khun Woraphoom Jatuworaphat, Managing Director of A I Consultant and System Co., Ltd. and SasinSEC’s Panichat Kitisittichai (back to camera: Chatri Srivichit of Claris EA) SasinSEC and Claris EA Co., Ltd. continue their joint development of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) digital platform. Recently, we investigated the advantages of another tool, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), based on research data synthesis and strategic initiative. QFD, a well-known methodology from the Six Sigma toolkit, empowers us to translate customer requirements into actionable design features while prioritizing those aspects that drive the most significant value. At the core of QFD lies a powerful tool that enables us to establish a comprehensive and structured connection between customer requirements and the design elements of our platform. By integrating QFD principles, we expect to enhance customer satisfaction and to ensure that our platform aligns seamlessly with the needs and expectations of users. Woraphoom Jatuworaphat, Managing Director of AI Consultant and System Co., Ltd., offered thoughtful advice about what a QFD approach can add to our ESG digital platform. His insights were helpful in helping us understand how this methodology can translate customer requirements into actionable design features. Doing so will ensure that our ESG digital platform is not simply functional but truly exceptional in meeting our users’ diverse and evolving needs. As we embark on this journey to implement QFD, we anticipate a range of enhancements including: 1. A Customer-Centric Design QFD ensures that our platform’s design is driven by customer needs, resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement. 2. More Efficient Resource Allocation The prioritization process enables us to allocate resources efficiently, optimizing our efforts for maximum impact. 3. Focused Innovation Our implementation of QFD encourages innovative solutions that align precisely with customer expectations. 4. Informed Decision-Making The structured approach of QFD empowers us to make well-informed decisions throughout the design and development process. The systematic connection between customer requirements and technical attributes is a pivotal factor in achieving excellence with this platform. Our collaboration with Claris characterizes both parties’ commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and project success
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