Sasin’s Demystified Podcast Series with Dr. Andrew Stotz

07 Sep 2023
In Sasin’s Demystified Podcast Series, Roy Tomizawa, Chief Executive of Sasin Executive Education, talks to Dr. Andrew Stotz about achieving excellence in business and personal life, strategic competitive advantage, and his encounter with Edwards Deming, the renowned American statistician and quality management expert. Dr. Andrew Stotz, CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research & Visiting Professor at Sasin School of Management, boasts over 20 years of experience as an Equity Analyst at major banks. He served as the president of the CFA Society in Thailand and co-founded CoffeeWORKS, a premium coffee company. He is also a content creator of the podcast, “My Worst Investment Ever” and educator of the Valuation Masterclass. For more information about Sasin Demystified Programs, CLICK HERE.  
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