03 Sep 2020
After a wonderful journey in the SCB Future Leader Challenge 2020 (SCBFLC) competition, let’s hear what Ms. Nicha Manchusree, a member from team ‘Le Fin’, has to say about her unforgettable experience. “SCBFLC was a great opportunity for us, as MBA students, to solve real world problems in a friendly, but intense competition setting. SCBFLC gave us a platform for use to put what we learned in the classrooms to the test in the competition with tight deadlines, mimicking the real world situation. We had the chance to try doing a market research, creating a customer journey, interviewing a focus group, finding customer pain points, and coming up with innovative solutions while balancing between customer benefit and company benefit.” “Through the preliminary rounds and the semi-final rounds, we appreciated receiving feedback and industry expert insights from the judging committee, which further helped us hone our business case analysis skills. Watching the presentations from the other teams from countries all around the world also gave us fresh new perspective on how to tackle business problems and ways to communicate the solutions.” “Going through this competition, we better understood how our MBA curriculum all fits in together. SCBFLC is one of the highlights in our MBA journey. We definitely recommend the SCBFLC competition for all MBA students who love to solve business challenges with innovative ways.”
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