Insights from The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals workshop: Future-Proofing Your Organization

29 Mar 2023
By Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC    On 9 March, 2023 “The 2030 SDGs Workshop: Future-Proofing Your Organization” was held by the Sasin School of Management led by the Learning Experience Design (LXD) section and the Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Center (SEC). Corporations, Sasin alumni, and government agencies made up the participant cohort. The workshop is a sophisticated gamified exercise to introduce organizations to integrating the SDGs into their business strategies. Participants learned about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, and how to put the SDGs into practice in different business cultures. They also learned how to measure and report on SDG performance, involve stakeholders, and understand how their actions and decisions affect other people and communities. All this can help them feel more empathic while learning how their actions can impact others in unanticipated ways. The most valuable insights of the SDGs game workshop generally are –
  • It helps comprehend connectedness, feel more empathy for others, and learn more about how their actions affect others.
The SDGs game workshop helps participants develop a deeper appreciation for the        importance of collaboration and cooperation in sustainable development. The SDGs’ “Leave No One Behind” premise requires inclusiveness, equity, and priority for excluded and vulnerable populations.
  • It helps develop critical thinking skills and holistic problem-solving.
Complex challenges that require innovative and smart solutions help participants develop critical thinking abilities. Participants learn to think more deeply about the interconnectedness of the three pillars of sustainability—environment, society, and economy—and the significance of holistic problem-solving by working through these challenges.
  • It is a crucial undertaking for organizations that wish to secure their future by implementing sustainability and social responsibility.
By aligning their business strategies with the SDGs, organizations can create long-term value for their stakeholders and help make the world a more sustainable and equitable society.
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