Sasin Alumni Association (SAA) Board Members 2022-2024

23 Mar 2023
The announcement of the new Sasin Alumni Association (SAA) Board Members for 2022-2024 has been made. Welcome to your new roles, and we eagerly anticipate the positive changes and successes you will bring to our Sasin community.
SAA Board Members 2022-2024
President M.L. Dispanadda Diskul MBA 2003
Deputy President Kongpan Pramoj Na Ayudhaya MBA 2000
Vice President Silawat Santivisat EMBA 1994
Vice President Nick Pisalyaput MBA 2003
Vice President Narongkorn Kornvinai MBA 2009
Secretary Saroage Jermthanes MBA 2003
Committee and Head of Public Relations Aura-orn Akrasanee MBA 2002
Committee and Accountant/Treasurer Bancha Dhammarungruang EMBA 2012
Committee and Registrar Pornpim Nakswasdi MBA 2009
Committee David Lawrence EMBA 2015
Committee Farn Sritrairatana MBA 1997
Committee Sanchai Suphavadeeprasit MBA 1996
Committee Surasit Sachdev MBA 2012
Committee Tanachote Vongsurbchart MBA 2015
Committee Sorachai Oranrigsupak MBA 2002
Committee Pote Harinasuta EMBA 2008
Committee Asama Eu-Metheekul MBA 2015
Committee Nichapat Valaiphatchra EMBA 2019
Committee Thanut Pimhataivoot EMBA 2019
Committee Sirithorn Wangpattanakul MBA 2020
Committee Kontee Vacharaphol MBA 2021
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