Sasin Professor Delivers Keynote Speech on Thailand's Soft Power at JAFAME's General Assembly

27 Jul 2023
The 27th National Conference of the Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies (JAFAME) was held on July 9, 2023, with the theme “Global Inflation and the Asian Market Economy,” setting the stage for insightful discussions on the relationship between the world economy and the Asian market economy from various angles. During the conference, Associate Professor Chaipong Pongpanich from Sasin School of Management delivered an online keynote speech titled “Unlocking Thailand’s Hidden Competitiveness: A Perspective on Soft Power,” highlighting a significant aspect of Thailand’s economic potential. This speech also served as a commemorative session for the establishment of the Global Asia Research Center within the academy. The session was thoughtfully organized by Professor Takamasa Fujioka, who serves as the Director of Sasin Japan Center, Professor of Sasin School of Management and Meiji Business School, as well as Chair of International Relations at JAFAME.  
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