Transforming Social Media into a Social Movement

17 Aug 2023
Sasin School of Management and TransTalents Consulting Group, supported by the U.S. Embassy Bangkok and YSEALI, organized a thought-provoking seminar titled ‘Transforming Social Media into a Social Movement’ on August 10, 2023. This event served as a platform for profound discussions featuring distinguished transgender professionals and influencers, including Panod Srinual, Sarah Thanapong Wannakhot, Jesselyn Nakprasit, and Peche di. During this seminar, the speakers shared their experiences of harnessing the power of social media to bolster transgender empowerment. Their insights not only enriched the audience but also provided practical guidance on the art of advocacy, fostering genuine self-expression, and nurturing inclusivity. This forum ignited meaningful dialogues centered around dismantling stereotypes, broadening horizons, and effectively employing digital platforms for the betterment of society.
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