Research Topics
The Effect of Sufficiency Economy Components on Transitioning to Organic Farming and the Well-Being of Farmers Arthit’s research topic is related to the transformation to sustainable, organic agriculture following the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. The inspiration of the topic comes from the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy itself and the motivations to improve farmers’ quality of life and their wellbeing as well as introducing more organic products to local communities and end consumers.  
Arthit Sriumporn is Founder and CEO of Rakkar Digital, a startup backed by SCB 10X which is committed to building a secure, reliable digital asset custodian for the Southeast Asia and Hong Kong market. Previously, Arthit worked for Techcombank, one of the largest joint stock banks in Vietnam. He successfully built the corporate digital business and launched Techcombank Business Banking. Prior to that, as a Senior Vice President of Siam Commercial Bank, Arthit was behind the success of SCB Business Anywhere, an inbound and outbound cross-border payments service for businesses, individuals, and Thailand’s migrant workers from other Southeast Asian countries. He was also the product owner of SCB StartBiz, the one-stop business banking account opening application. Arthit graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Maejo University, Thailand, and a master’s degree in computer engineering management from Assumption University of Thailand.
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