Research Topics
Dynamic Capabilities to Enhance Digital Transformation Management Capabilities – Multi-Case studies in Process Industries in Thailand The research contributes to understanding critical success factors and practices of management leadership through the lens of the Dynamic Capabilities Theory in accelerating digitalization in the traditional manufacturing sectors, particularly in the oil and gas industry, which faces numerous challenges and barriers in digital change management because of its industry complexities. The research would contribute to the leadership practices in expediting the transformation that would unlock enormous opportunities for incumbent firms, including improved business performance; a greener environment with a reduced carbon footprint; leaner and more efficient organizations; and greater employee satisfaction.  
Maka Khajarern is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Group Thailand, which provides oil & gas, and energy innovations and solutions, as well as the Managing Director of Thailand’s leading engineering trading and service firms, C-TECH Inter Co., Ltd., Strongtech Industry Co., Ltd., and Poseidon Engineering Co., Ltd. Additionally, Maka is the secretary and committee member of the Sub-Committee on Studying, Monitoring, and Recommending on Renewable Energy and Conservation of Energy under The Committee on Energy of the Senate of the Thai Parliament. Maka holds a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from Chulalongkorn University and two master’s degrees in business management and administration (MBA) from Assumption University, Thailand and in industrial and manufacturing engineering (Master of Studies) from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
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