Connect+ Executive MBA

For leaders with at least 5 years post-degree management or professional experience.

Connect+ Executive MBA
The Sasin Connect+ Executive MBA program offers adaptable, diverse learning styles, blending short videos, interactive activities, and expert insights. Providing both synchronous and asynchronous content, it caters to individual pacing while focusing on Southeast Asia’s challenges, opportunities, and networking through residentials and in-person events.
The program combines diverse learning methods to cater to individual preferences. It blends short videos, interactive activities, expert insights, and hands-on experiences, to accommodate varied learning styles. With both asynchronous (pre-recorded) and synchronous (live) content, it offers flexibility while maintaining rigor and practical applications.  
Tap the insights and experience of world-class faculty and industry leaders.  
Our program focuses on Southeast Asia, addressing regional best practices, challenges and opportunities, with input from proven, Southeast Asia business experts. The program offers contextualized content, leveraging local expertise, and facilitated networking through three residentials and other in-person events.   The entire program can be completed in as little as 20 months or extended up to 48 months. It consists of six modules, each a 15-week learning journey comprising integrated, themed courses:
  • each module is independent & self-contained
  • applying management skills to the realities of doing business in Southeast Asia
  • each module earns its own Sasin Professional Certificate in the theme of that module
  • successfully completing all six modules and three 4-day residentials earns you the Sasin Executive MBA degree
Each 5-week course takes you from foundations to applied mastery in more than 40 hours of learning, including:
  • 6 hours of short engaging videos
  • weekly live, hands-on, learning sessions with experts
  • online activities, including case analyses; regional leader reflections, tips and advice
  • group projects
  • graded assignments

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