Global Executive Program (GEP)
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Estimated time
10 days
Tuition Fee
450,000 THB
per person
What you will learn
Create environmental and geopolitical understanding of business ecologies
Build a sustainable competitive advantage
Source and grow the talent capabilities
Create and establish innovation and design thinking processes

Prepare yourself for complexity
This 10-day, intensive, short program is tailored for senior leaders and executives who are at or near the peak of their careers in mid-to-large organizations and who need to understand the complex changes that will affect their business and their leadership for the next decade. Learn the latest practices and perceptions of strategic and innovative leadership taught by experienced professors from Sasin and leading universities around the world.
How GEP is Different
Over the past two years, dealing with the challenges of COVID, and the multiple geopolitical events that have had an impact across the world, we have reviewed the design of Sasin’s signature Senior Executive Program (SEP) and overhauled the program from the ground up to focus very much on the complex and volatile futures that face most businesses today. In a post-pandemic world, the rules of business have changed dramatically. Where most leaders aspire to “get back to normal”, the new Global Executive Program (GEP) gets you focused on the “New Normal” of ever-changing business and regulatory environments, markets, value chains, and ecologies. Traditional power and hierarchies may adjust too slow to drive true performance in this volatile world which continues to provide disruptive challenges as well as new opportunities. Sasin’s GEP provides a comprehensive compass for senior leaders to build an adaptive and sustainably high performing organization with a human-centered focus. Sasin’s Global Executive Program (GEP) focuses on strategic leadership for the complex and challenging future. The program is designed to address four key themes of leadership capability: Global Trends and Environmental Intelligence Think Systemically and with Foresight Global Leaders today have to know, learn, and act across many boundaries and in many different contexts. They need to assure success in an unpredictable future. From embracing the global, regional, and national natural resources and regulatory environments to the trends that reverberate through and across these boundaries that affect their local or cross region industry and business. Thoughtful leaders see and convey the systemic interdependencies inherent in business landscapes. This module gives leaders the tools and mindset to develop foresight and systemic perspectives. Strategic Intelligence: Competing for the Future Thriving in Complexity The Covid 19 pandemic and ongoing geo-political volatility has created shifts in the interconnected and interdependent ways that businesses operate around the world, and even in perspectives of globalization. Supply chains have been disrupted, trust has fallen, regulatory changes have impacted relationships. All this has a dramatic impact on the strategies of old. Redefining Strategy as Innovation in the context of Competing for the Future of our industry and our business may become tantamount to long term success and competitive advantage. Executives need to be both strategic leaders as well as inspire innovations as we learn to compete for the future in uncertain and unpredictable times. This module integrates Strategy and Innovation will provide us a way to thrive sustainably in times of complexity. Leadership Intelligence: Resilience and Legacy Perform with Agility Leadership is under the microscope. For many parts of our business, we cannot return to the mechanical era of command and control, and simplistic input and output measures. Leadership today is determined by the measures of resilience, adaptability, and legacy. Resilient leaders deal with the unexpected and adapt with grace; they know when to persevere and when to pivot. This module guides leaders to engage with these new aspects of their roles driven by purpose and empathy to leave a legacy of impact and success. Organisational Intelligence: Transformation and Movement Lead with Presence and Transparency Organizations are moved by people for people. Transformation and Movement are the success measures for Organizational Effectiveness. The course will reacquaint leaders with the Organizational House of Leadership that has people and capability at its foundation and an inspirational vision as its guiding principle. Organizational Structure, Behavior, and Effectiveness will provide the constructs based upon which we can create movements from within organizations in collaboration with their stakeholders (communities, authorities, nature, etc.) Inspiring leaders show up with the executive presence needed to drive action and influence outcomes with power and authenticity. This final module will bring together the key factors of leading for future and provide tools for leaders to implement new and innovative solutions in their businesses. Furthermore, we have moved away from selecting purely academic educators, to engaging global thought leaders and practitioners with feet in both the world of executive education, and practical application. As a residential program in Hua-Hin, participants will be staying with your peers for the whole run of the program. You will be given time to connect and network with each other through various activities, including fireside chats with business leaders who have shown great success in specific areas, as well as experts in different backgrounds, successful start-up founders, cultural and social leaders, and social entrepreneurs. You will learn how to:
  • Create environmental and geopolitical understanding of business ecologies necessary to support your organization.
  • Identify a strategic vision and develop scenarios to build a sustainable competitive advantage in your key markets.
  • Source and grow the talent capabilities necessary for sustainable performance.
  • Create and establish innovation and design thinking processes to support your organization’s vision, mission/purpose, and strategy.
  • Explore the specific leadership mindset and capabilities needed to operate in today’s complex and ever-changing business climate.
  • Anticipate the organizational structures, changes, and transformation necessary to create human-centered movements in organizations and markets that benefit your products and services.
Sasin’s international faculty will use specific learning methods throughout the program, including simulations, illustrations, group & personal reflections, application, and experimentation:
  • Simulation: You will be immersed in various business scenarios as it becomes inescapably clear that all leaders and businesses must adapt, grow, and cooperate to win.
  • Illustration: Examples from a range of industries will inspire action and demonstrate excellence.
  • Reflection: We provide time, space, and structure for you to process your learning experiences.
  • Application: We challenge and support you as you apply what you have learned to your real situation.
  • Experimentation: You will design experiments to be tested and measured in the weeks and months after the conclusion of your face-to-face experience in the program.
Hear from our GEP participants
Maarten Asser • Associate Professor and Internationally Recognized Speaker: Tuck Dartmouth School of Business, Duke CE, Cornell Johnson, Skolkovo (Moscow-Russia), Nova SBE (Lisbon-Portugal), Indian School of Business (Hyderabad-India) Emeritus (Singapore) • Founder and Partner: Culture Learning Group, USAMaarten has 25+ years of experience in researching, designing, facilitating, and teaching business driven action learning programs with a focus on strategic thinking, adaptive leadership, and organizational change and renewal. He believes in integration and inclusiveness of the principles of (core) purpose, values, and leadership behaviors in the context of cultures, strategies, and industry change. He leads business driven action learning programs for his clients with complex experiential immersions online and face to face around the globe.
John Sweeney • Visiting Professor and Senior Research Fellow: Westminster International University in Tashkent, Duke CE, University of Houston, School of International Futures (SOIF) • Co-Founder: Participatory Futures Global SwarmJohn is an award-winning author, designer, and futurist. As a practitioner, consultant, and educator, he has organized, managed, and facilitated workshops and seminars, multi-stakeholder projects, and foresight gaming systems in over 45 countries on five continents with participants from around the world. He has worked with numerous universities, international development and humanitarian aid agencies, nonprofit foundations, Fortune 500 companies, and educational and cultural organizations.
Nick Holley • Faculty and Internationally Recognized Speaker: Duke CE, Henley Business School, Emeritus • Managing Director of Learning: Corporate Research Forum, UKNick has 25+ years of experience in researching key trends in HR (voted fifth most influential thinker in HR by HR Magazine) and working on a variety of topics for HR leadership teams. He has worked as a coach and facilitator/professor for HR leadership teams globally to help them develop their people and embed and implement organizational strategies and plans for a large variety of global clients, all around the world. He has developed and delivered HR capability programs and has been an internationally recognized keynote speaker at HR events around the world.
Sandhya Karpe • CEO, Imagine Education Design Studio • Leader – Asia Human Capital Center, The Conference Board • Program Director of Asia DEI and Learning, Development & Culture Councils, The Conference BoardSandhya has 35 years of cross-cultural experience in human capital development. She has worked consultatively with multinational and regional organizations, as well as business leaders across five continents. Her past experience includes top leadership roles at top-tier global institutions. She has consulted extensively with senior executives and L&D teams across the world to co-create leadership development solutions and facilitated workshops for executives at all levels.
Jake Breeden • Orchestrator & Educator: Duke CE, Cornell Johnson, Emeritus • Partner: Cultivate Inc. • Co-Founder & MD: Sapien ExperienceJake has 15+ years of corporate and academic experience in Teaching in Leadership and Organizational Development. He led the design and development of innovative digital learning experiences for a multitude of client enterprise. When he was Vice President & Head of Global learning at Takeda, Asia’s largest biopharmaceutical company, he re-defined, designed, and successfully led the implementation of a new global learning strategy for this 55,000-employee enterprise.
  • Bhanusich Chomanan, CEO & Founder of Ever Medical Technologies
  • Venerable Dr. Phra Anil Sakya, Deputy Rector of Mahamakut Buddhist University
  • Aung Kyaw Mo, CEO & Founder of 2C2P
  • Dr. Kirana Limpaphayom, CEO of Banpu Power Plc
  • Nick Pisalyaput, Sasin’s Deputy Director – Strategy/Innovation/Impact
  • Siradej Donavanik, Vice President of Operations, Dusit International/ Interim Managing Director of Dusit Hospitality Education

Fee & Payment

  • Full Program Fee: THB 450,000 (all inclusive)
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