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  Leadership Series Program consists of three unique and important qualities that leaders must have; vision, impact and compassion. Each of these qualities explore the relationship and engagement with the wider environment, the organization and the individual. The courses are designed in a way that introduce the topics via blended means; virtual and face-to-face. This program aims to provide clearer roadmap for leaders to become successful in their roles and towards the greater good of the community. The contents are sophisticated and relevant for immediate application. For leaders to thrive in the post COVID-19 era, they must be ELITE, CLEAR and REAL individuals; always stay true and connected to the people they serve.  

  • Senior leaders across functions and industry sectors
  • High-potential individuals who would like to accelerate their leadership capabilities and potentials

Effective Leadership In TUNA Environment (ELITE)


Leaders must have a vision that he or she truly believes. Without belief, there is no dedication, substance, or creativity. Leadership vision is practical and realistic. Followers have to see that it is needed and that it makes sense. They must be able to see how what they are doing fits into the bigger picture. COVID-19 has changed the world possibly forever. What got organizations and leaders here, will certainly not get them where they need to be, post COVID-19. Organizations and their leaders need to reinvent themselves and change the filters with which they view the world. And they need to do this urgently. New mindsets and leadership behaviours will be critical success factors to enable leaders to lead effectively in the TUNA (Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel and Ambiguous) World. Work will also be drastically different in the future. What will this mean for leaders? The ELITE course highlights what and how leaders will need to change to navigate the complexities of the post-COVID future. Through highly interactive and engaging virtual methods, the course will bring key leadership concepts to live and highlights useful practical tools and tips that you can apply immediately to increase your leadership impact.  


  • The concept of TUNA environment and its implications for leaders
  • The Future of Work in Asia and its implications
  • Creating an enabling culture for innovation and digitalization
  • New mindsets and shifts required to lead in the post-COVID world


Date: TBC Time: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Venue: Online Live via Zoom  


Dr. Sandhya Karpe
Consistent Leadership Experiences All Rounder (CLEAR)


Leaders must help team members focus on what is important. Life happens and situation are uncontrollable. There are many distractions. Leadership must own impact. It does not allow the organization to say, “yes” when “no” may be the right and sometimes unpopular answer. Impact is attaching the “what,” “how”, and “why” to every activity. Without impact, the vision is forgotten and the significance of one’s own work is lost. Besides team engagement, leaders have to bring together a coalition, or stakeholders, of influential people whose power comes from various sources, including job position, expertise, social status, and political importance. Amidst multidimensional uncertainties such as digital disruption, natural disaster, pandemic, ageing workforce, etc., leadership is mainly execution with a clear vision, goals, decision-making, action steps, responsibilities, and agility. Thus, leaders and their teams need to have a high level of agility to be able to deal effectively with everything the projects throw at them. Leaders without adequate support from their teams and other stakeholders will easily antagonize the organization, bringing resistance to their projects. Only in being aware of their default leadership style and its impact on others, leaders will learn to flex their style to get commitment and support from all stakeholders. The CLEAR course will equip leaders with interpersonal skills to influence teams and stakeholders to work beyond their limits towards the company’s unique vision and goals. This course uses interactive discussions, real-life case studies, and experiential learning.  


  • Influential, Focused, and Agile leadership
  • Building high-performing team in chaotic and stressful workplace
  • Leading successful change
  • Building connection and gaining support from stakeholders


Date: TBC Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (6 hours each day) Venue: Face-to-face at Sasin School of Management  


Associate Professor Dr. Siriyupa Roongrerngsuke
Rigorous Execution Authentic Leadership (REAL)


Humans were created for relationship. Healthy relationships have a foundation of trust. Followers want to experience the alignment of the leader with the vision and mission of the organization. Compassion is about leadership integrity. A leader holds in tension what is best for the organization and the needs of its people. Emotionally intelligent and self-aware leaders deliver significantly better performance over the long-term. It is important for leaders to review the basis of motivation, for themselves and their teams. This will give them greater insight into improving both performance and life satisfaction through the discovery of purpose and insights into personal mastery and autonomy. As leaders, it is crucial to examine key drivers and their origins and learn how to align these to the organization’s vision. Leaders can apply the the power of empathy as a tool of leadership and how being an empathic and purposeful leader brings benefits to both yourself and your organization. The COMPASSION course begins with an exploration of emotional intelligence to understand how to engage with emotions and the importance in life and business. The course will work on developing self-awareness as the basis for emotional intelligence. It will also cover a deeper understanding of strengths and how to leverage them for better performance.  


  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Understanding what is required to build trust and credibility
  • The power of empathy in leadership and how to use it
  • Personal purpose and its role in delivering motivation and performance


Date: TBC Time: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Venue: Online Live via Zoom Date: TBC Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Venue: Face-to-face at Sasin School of Management  


Mr. Ragil Ratnam


Fee & Payment

Program Fees Full Price @THB 70,000 30% Alumni Discount @ THB 49,000
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