International Dual Degree

Two renowned business schools. Two globally recognized degrees.

The Sasin Phase
Year 1: Study at Sasin
The International Dual Degree Program requires that while at Sasin, you must complete a total of 42 credits. These must include Sasin Skills & Values Module, 9 required courses (27 credits) listed below, and EITHER 1 Action Learning Lab (6 credits) selected from the list below OR 6 credits of electives at Sasin. Please note that if you choose not to take Action Learning courses at Sasin, you must take an approved equivalent Action Learning course at the partner school. Please contact the Registrar well in advance for advice on approved equivalent courses.   Skills & Values Module Our Skills & Values Module is the beginning of your Sasin journey. These initial activities give you the opportunity to meet and bond with your classmates and be better prepared for the program. Activities usually include:
  • Orientation: includes dinners with prominent CEOs and a hands-on sustainability workshop that focuses on practical applications of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Southeast Asia and beyond. There is also an alumni panel to advise you on how to make the most of your opportunities at Sasin, and some top business leaders speaking about contemporary business issues,
  • Get-Away Visit: with ice-breaking and group forming activities,
  • Short preparatory courses to make sure you’re up to speed in the basics of Math, Statistics, and Accounting.
Sasin MBA required courses:
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Transformation: Emerging Technologies & Strategies
  • Economics for Decision Makers
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Marketing for a Digital Age
  • Statistical Methods for Management Decisions

Sasin Action Learning courses:

  • Action Learning: Sustainability Lab
  • Action Learning: New Ventures Lab-Consulting
  • Action Learning: New Ventures Lab-Formulation
Dual Degree at Our Partner School
Year 2: Study at EBS
For the program at EBS in Germany, you will spend two semesters (Fall and Spring) at EBS. You can choose to continue your studies in the EBS MBA program, or choose from one of EBS’s six specialized Master’s Degree programs: namely Master in Finance, Master in Marketing, Master in Management, Master in Real Estate, and Master in Automotive Management. The EBS MBA requires an MBA project. The other Master’s Degree Programs require a 60-80 page thesis in a specialized field. You should allow at least 15 weeks to complete such a thesis. For more information consult the EBS website, or contact Sasin Admissions at  
Year 2: Study at Schulich
For the program at Schulich in Canada, you will spend two semesters (Fall and Spring, Spring and Summer, or Summer and Fall) at Schulich. Students in the Dual Degree program with Schulich also have the flexibility of participating in an internship or pursuing work after getting their degree by taking advantage of work permits for students in Canada. Interested students should follow Schulich’s regular admission rounds but plan to complete the admission process no less than 4 months prior to their start of the program. Spouses of students may be eligible for an open work permit in Canada and dependent children may study at no charge in Canada’s high-quality public education system. For more information consult the Schulich website, or contact Sasin Admissions at

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