Part-time program for experienced leaders with at least 10 years of work experience and a strong desire to be practical researchers

Lead transformation in turbulent times: become a real-world researcher
  • Real-world project focus
  • Drive transformation through research
  • Part-time, blended learning
  • Stepping stone to c-suite
The Sasin DBA is for experienced senior managers, policymakers, independent consultants, professionals and working academics—from all disciplines and areas—who are preparing themselves for more advanced leadership and advisory positions in their organizations and professions. We find ourselves in an age of unprecedented global challenges. The Sasin DBA will equip you with the knowledge and skills to survive and thrive in these uncertain and turbulent times. You’ll become a real-world researcher able to:
  • rigorously and methodically investigate real world problems;
  • use evidence-based research to develop practical solutions;
  • build sustainable and entrepreneurial research approaches;
  • lead transformation, consciously and mindfully;
  • implement new models and frameworks to co-create value with stakeholders.
If you are interested in strengthening your conceptual thinking skills, investigating and solving problems in your industry or profession, leading change, and expanding your network, then the Sasin DBA is for you.

What Drives the Sasin DBA?

What Can I Achieve with a Sasin DBA?

Ph.D. vs DBA: What Are the Differences?


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